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    No longer Available

    Best tool I own! Thanks Jake!
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    drill jig

    This is definitely the most valuable tool I own! A piece of art! Thanks Jake!
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    No longer available

    Jake.....Thank you so very much for your jig. This is the best tool in my box! Extremely high quality product!
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    Barn find gyro

    Very interested:) Email sent.
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    Mexico Baja

    You may need to check with Mexico's customs websites regarding private aircraft. I believe they may require specific Mexican insurance. AOPA may be a good source to check as well. Good luck. I am sure it not too difficult.
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    The Black-Box Questions

    There are many options in the RC hobby world to collect and record all parameters of flight and system data. From RPM's, temps, voltage, amps, even vibrations can be collected. Just about anything you can think of. Just one example...
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    Gyroplane Stability and Aerodynamics - Glasgow University

    I am wondering if I will ever enjoy a nice, simple sunset flight again. :)
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    B 787 - Ethiopian fire at LHR

    Just reading the latest Lithium batt news.....good posts. My 2 cents: I have used lithium batts for the last decade in my RC hobbies. They have made huge leaps in progress and have capabilities far ahead of of anything we have in gell cell or Nicd type. We can now do things with batts...
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    Old friends become best friends...

    Hi Ron! Nice pics man:)
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    Old friends become best friends...

    Someone Else that has Earned our respect and gratitude!
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    Old friends become best friends...

    Hi Marion:) Dittos:)
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    Old friends become best friends...

    You have an awesome flying machine Hydro. I think it is very cool indeed. I know friends don't let friends drive drunk. Ed isn't drunk, nor are any of us that fly the older machine designs without that high center line thrust, and the like. Please don't misunderstand me, I know that they...
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    Old friends become best friends...

    Hydro, Ed has been flying that machine for 30 years. That is the point. He can handle it. I do not pity the RAF pilots at all. I do not pity anyone. Correction...I pity anyone killed by someone's irresponsibility. Drunk drivers for example. There does not seem to be harsh consequence for...
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    Old friends become best friends...

    Well Hydro, I simply don't feel it is my place to tell him what to do. I am not trying to encourage him at all. He is extremely accomplished without anything I could offer. And he has proved to me he is safe! I can only hope that I will be as successful and learn through the experience's of...
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    Old friends become best friends...

    A bumble bee flies because it knows how. In spite of the physics. "A superior pilot uses their superior judgement to avoid situations requiring the use of their superior skills". Different aircraft designs fly very differently. Some one that can safely operate a Bell 47 may not be able to...