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    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    First. day - Paris TX, Day 2 got to 90 minutes N of Mobile ... so it was huge day TODAY and I WAS so close - I did the last hour in the dark (I HATE NIGHT DRIVING!)... but at least the #64 Bradenton-Ona is brand new beautiful road with great reflectors & lane markings! I'M HERE! ...Ready to...
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    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    I'm on the way with myRV/toyhauler rig -(Tonight camped in Paris TX ...1/3 of the way down today!)----- with my white (For-sale) TAG "ARTE" (AwesomeRad TitaniumExplorer) ..... my faithful Red is down with mystery Turbo issues ...and I have ordered an Edge FI kit to gain HP(120-127) & get rid of...
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    Pneumatic trim leak

    seals in your ram up on mast???? the flight side of the brake-flight unit .... switch- behind panel!?
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    One More Try - Looking for help

    Nothing near the 2.5 pages of new-posts daily ...when I joined in 2010 (& for the next ~5 years)! What people here enjoy the most is the creativity of builders ..... Jake's awesome creations - Denis's first Hornet, Stan's Super Helicycle & and all his upgrade mods ... Gabor's Behemoth...