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    Gyroplane Guy

    I just came across this nice video of a very busy Chris Lord in his Sebring hangar I best remember him...obviously filmed some considerable time prior to it's published date (just a week before the tragic loss of the 2 Chris's in the Cavalon accident) he & ELA had separated ways...
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    Tiggy-B "project" ....FOR SALE!

    I need to ask some folks who can put a price on it!
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    Arizona Gyroplane Conference October 26-27 2019

    OK looks like good ole copy/paste made it work!(y):D
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    Arizona Gyroplane Conference October 26-27 2019

    Well one decided to load ...
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    Arizona Gyroplane Conference October 26-27 2019

    Titanium Explorer is now a major sponsor of this Event ...and we are just 6 weeks away ...with travel plans to be locked in and accommodation bookings to be planned ...most of the participants will be making their plans to attend in the next 3 weeks! All those who may be existing pilots...
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    High Altitude Gyro Flying

    I have 9in cord 30 ft new sport rotors (10 hours use) ...FOR SALE ....$5500 ....excellent condition! ....anyone interested????
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    Tiggy-B "project" ....FOR SALE!

    LAST CHANCE ....for sale ... AS-IS ...or parts! Time to re-register N# (OR NOT!)
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    This gyro looks good

    Cobus Burger in Colorado is the US agent for Rotorvox! pretty high priced unfortunately!
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    Wisconsin - Sport Copter Vortex - Fatal - N634SC

    This accident way too familiar...& I also thought of the chap in a SC in 2013... the one Kevin mentioned ...when the student (IIRC...was not signed off to solo flight either)...was doing taxi-with rotor exercises & got unexpected altitude close to end off runway ...and blasted off...
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    Sunstate Wing & Rotor Club, Ft Myers, FL

    Danny Kelly lives in Ft Myers and hangars his Titanium Explorer at Arcadia ... other gyro owners are there also .... the former Wauchula morons (SWARC)...still have a bunch of machines in several hangars @ Wauchula ... but I'm not sure of the activity level there! ...they certainly have no one...
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    Wisconsin - Sport Copter Vortex - Fatal - N634SC

    So very sad ... he was at Mentone & got some training there ...I understood! Deepest sympathy with loved ones!
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    Rotors & Rods Fly-In and Car Show! (Anahuac, TX October 17-19th)

    I'm looking forwards to an extended time down there ! Make up for the long grounding since last year! ( between rotors ..and the engine woes!)
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    Rotax Mandatory Service Bulletin affecting AR-1 owners and others

    My wonderful Rotax IRMT ( Heavy) - just 3 miles away from me did the circlip service on my two here at KEWK! - this week ... Kinda bummed as he had done the 200 hour carb service ...when exploring the damage - last September! ... And we had to go ahead & replace the brand new clips .... Less...
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    Anybody have photos from Mentone 2019?

    The video of Dick DeGraw's ..jump-gyro "Gyrhino2" ...on departure from hangar drive on Sunday is spectacular ...roll out, warm up, jumpoff & fly away over the now deserted grass field! I have my video clip posted on PRA facebook page it does not want to upload here!
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    Anybody have photos from Mentone 2019?

    It was a huge bonus to have Norman Surplus & his famous MTO3 GYROX in attendance all week ... he had a couple of forum slots ...that were great listening - about his Global circumnavigation adventures! On the last Sunday ... I with Mark Airey riding shotgun were thrilled to be able to fly a...