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  • Can you save me ride at Benson Days?
    Kevin O'Kane
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    Hey Kevin ...I just saw this today ...YES .you got it! ....When will you be arriving ?...I'll probably be there early after swinging by the event at Dublin TX on the 14th
    I'll be there March 26th through March 29th. I will be bringing the replacement trophy for Pavel Vagner and the trophy he left at Mentone.
    Chris, how much are you seeking for the "30ft sportcopter rotor new ( under 10 hours balancing / hopping!)"
    Rotorhead available, too?
    Is the Subaru engine available (more info?), too?
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    yes, rotor head available, engine & reduction gearbox,ivoprop ...all available .... although until my new hangar on farm is built ( Complete & moved after Jan 2020)...I will not have the ability to part-out the heavier components! I'm contacting Sportcopter to get an estimate rotor value! ...will get back on a price!
    Who is the lucky new owner? I saw it this weekend with John Nagle. Is he going to be the new owner, or just a temporary custodian? We didn't talk much. Unfortunately, I'm always running behind.
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    Someone in FL .... but I'll let them reveal in time! ..... John just babysitting ... doing promo-video!
    Jim good to see you and your boss have a new project! It was great helping you get the kinks out of your throttle when we moved and adjusted the TP sensor! Hope to see you two again soon!! Mike Ransleben Chapter 62
    Hey thanks Christine and Merry Xmas to you guys. It was about this time last year we were banging away at training and ground school, if I'm not mistaken. Seems like it was years ago, to me. Good luck with your machine and keep up the good work. Glenn can't say enough good about you folks and we allo admire your drive and dedication.
    Flying was good. I got a lot done. I flew more today. Still having a fuel delivery issue. Turns out my fuel pump is not enough for the 670. I have to install an electric pump as well. Just ordered. Hope it's here when I return from Wyoming later this week. Tick tock...
    That shouldnt be a problem. I'll do everything I can,but it's kind of out of my hands at this point. They're done, on the bench. Once flown, I'll have Trina call you to confirm an exact shipping address.
    Soon Chris. They are done, but our testing machine is down. Your rotors are next up, so as soon as it's done we'll be shipping your rotors. Trina was supposed to call you and tell you.....or Larry was.
    Hey! Glad you made it ok! I hope to be flying in a couple of days. Works done and I'm heading home from Missouri tomorrow. I visited with Jim and Bonzer the other day. Fun spending a few minutes with them. Have a good time with your family.
    Bummer!! I feel for you REALLY I do. It'd drive me crazy to wait so long to get a chance to at least pet'n polish, sit in & dream with your prize!
    Did I see a new thread with a dual trainer being available in Utah?? How long until you get to solo??? Did you see the great article in an earlier training post about Crow hops by CFI Marion Springer --- I love that outline on how to transition from instructors tandem to the single!!
    Glad I'm chuckle-value for some of the readers out there.
    Thanks for the incredibly generous offer for a flight at Mentone if we all get our quals by then. ( I'd be too worried to accept I'm sure!) August 2012 seems a long time away right now!!

    'nuff of my rambling... gotta get organized for Texas tomorrow then Friday long drive - then FLY :whoo: & the week-end drooling all over Larry's stable of Butterflies in the construction hanger! :cool: :wave:
    seeya, OZ
    Thanks Christine. The trip won't be working out. I'm stuck in California right now. I know... Woe is me. But it's not as good as it sounds. We're working on alternate plans to get it to Utah. But I won't likely be going to Texas next week. But I can't say never. You just don't know, in my job, how the schedule might change tomorrow.
    I've been reading your posts. You're cracking me up. Congrats on the certificate and I know you'll enjoy the training. I we are both at Mentone next year and we both are flying, I'll let you fly the Monarch (if you want to)... promise.
    RE: Dominator for sale....

    HEADS-UP GlenK - Isn't this is the machine you REALLY wanted!!!!
    I know someone who is dying to take that Monarch off your hands - same engine , same price!! Please, please, pretty please!!!!!

    You're not going to guilt me into this! You're cracking me up, Christine. Actually, it is an excellent gyro. We saw him flying it at Mentone and it is a little hot rod. But, in a side-by-side comparison, the Monarch is a better machine for me for several reasons... all of which I will relate to you now. :blabla:

    The Monarch is much better equipped, as far as options, than the Dominator. So it's a much better value for the price. It's also setup better for my altitude, with the 25' blades and the 68" prop. And it's prettier, isn't it? :rolleyes:

    I can honestly say, though, that if the Monarch was not available I would snag up that Dominator in an instant. You may want to think about it for yourself.
    Chris, I would like to go ahead and buy those 25' Skywheels from you. What is the best way to get some money to you? Then we have to figure out a way to get them down here. I might just make a weekend trip out of it.

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