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    Pitbull plans/drawings/owner's manual?

    Tom : the link does not work anymore apparently. Can you email that article please ? Many thanks, Woody
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    RAF hub bar

    I may have one with RAF blades attached to them. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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    18A in need of some TLC

    Hi TurboP : can you mail Some more pictures Please ? Many thanks!
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    Delta3 for gyro rotor

    18A delta hinge and Farrington/Potter 18A delta hinge and Farrington/Potter What a load of C..P!! I personally worked with Don Farrington and "sidekick" John Potter. Potter had worked shoulder-to-shoulder with slim Soule who made the first jump take-off ever in history; They both knew...
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    Gyro T-Shirts and More

    Hello Barnstorm2 ; Your website contains several inaccuracies. please contact Woody for the corrections urgently. Sincerely, Woody DE SAAR [email protected]
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    Enclosed Twinstarr

    Twinstarr Twinstarr Dear all ; with interest I have read the items discussed here. A couple of things you all need to know. The Twinstarr was designed by Don Farrington and Tom Davey. Both knew very well what they were doing, both by experience and by trade/training. The decision for the twin...
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    Twinstarr Wanted

    Twinstarr Twinstarr Dear all ; many thanks for the replies. The Twinstarr in The Netherlands is actually in flying condition and is intended to be used there as a trainer. The picture was taken inside the hanger which also serves a a museum, hence the confusion. The machine used to belong to...
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    Twinstarr Wanted

    Twinstarrs Twinstarrs Dear All : Many thanks for your encourageing words. In order to compile the list completely, I would like every Twinstarr owner to email me their details , details of the machine (type of rotors, prerotator, engine, etc), as well as registration number, address and email...
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    biggest gyro gattering in erope

    Bois de la Pierre Bois de la Pierre Best gyroplane gathering in Europe. Most worthwile coming to ; More machines than Wallis Days, more variety and more machines than Magni Days and Wallis days put together. Best overall "Old Friends"-spirit during the event.Safest runway operation. Exquisite...
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    Twinstarr Wanted

    Twinstarr manufacturing status Twinstarr manufacturing status Dear fellow gyronauts : As I promised in my last reply last week, I would come back to you with some more information on the Twinstarr gyroplane and its status. Let me first clear up some misconceptions/inaccuracies in this thread...
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    Twinstarr Wanted

    Twinstarr manufacturing status Twinstarr manufacturing status Dear all : I have read with interest the thread on this forum. I have just returned from abroad to do a very intensive conversion course onto a new type of helicopter (EFIS-equipped etc) that will be used offshore, hence the long...
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    Rotorblades for Twinstarrs

    tails tales and rotor rumours tails tales and rotor rumours Hello all ; I have read this thread and would like to make some comments on some issues raised ; tailsize, rotorblades , DW on Twinstarrs , and tailwheels digging in. 1> tailsize. There are two sizes for the tails/rudders ; short...
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    Calling all Twinstarr/Twinstarrlite owners...

    Dear all : Please pass the word around that we would like to hear from ALL Twinstarr owners, operators and even wannabees. We would like to complete our database of all machines in existence at this time with a view to starting up manufacture/kit production again. In order to do this, we would...
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    My Twinstarr came apart!

    Dear Rick : I saw your mod on the rudders of your Twinstarr. You need to have the V-socket that joins the spars of the horizontals reinforced if you are to use these longer rudders. The V-socket is strong enough for the normal rudders, but not for the longer rudders. Both Chuch P and myself...
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    PRA makes aero news

    Anybody wanting more info on Don Farrington can contact me on [email protected] By the way ; my brother went out to the Hofstra International Gyroplane conference and gave a splendid presentation on the late Don Farrington , called ; "Don Farrington's Legacy". Of all US gyroplane pioneers I...