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    Miss Gidget Twinstarr Gyro up for sale

    I hate when that happens. I would actually like to buy the gyro, but I think what I am willing to pay is not what you would be willing to take for it!
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    Wrens GA Fly-in IS... yes IS... happening in 2020. Sep 18 and 19

    Its always been something people complain about.... how they showed up to a fly in and didn't feel like they got a warm welcome. You have to understand that these fly -ins are a way for people who are already " in the group " can spend a few days hanging out, flying, and being social...
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    BarnStormers Fall 2020

    I have it on my calendar... Hoping to get to fly a gyro. Been a while since GyroRon has flown a Gyro. I need to do some death spirals.
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    Some Thoughts on the Rotary Wing Forum.

    The "PRA " is nothing more than three letters in the alphabet. The "PRA " is not a big massive organization with hundreds of employees and staff and protocols... The " PRA" today is literally a small rural airport in northern Indiana, with a double wide trailer there as a office, a row...
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    How to ship a Rotax

    A friend and I bought a 582 recently and had it shipped. We had the seller to box the engine up and screw the box onto a pallet and it was shipped via uship
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    Sparrowhawk for sale

    that is right sir. it is certified with a gross weight of 1500 pounds, so too heavy for sport license.
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    Some Thoughts on the Rotary Wing Forum.

    So now I think I understand the point you are trying to make.... Sounds like to me, your flaming Vance, because he has made you feel that he is strickly " By the book " and presents himself as the type that does no wrong... And perhaps he has criticized other people for mistakes or...
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    Some Thoughts on the Rotary Wing Forum.

    Yeah I believe it is. I know if offered a flight in your gyro behind you in your avatar, I would almost promise you I wouldn't ask to see your paperwork. Perhaps if I was loaned your gyro to fly a long multi stop cross country, I might want to know where the paperwork is, and maybe even...
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    Some Thoughts on the Rotary Wing Forum.

    Exactly. Registration does not in any way make a aircraft more safe or less safe. And at least when it comes to a simple open framed flying machine like a gyroplane or ultralight airplane... AW certificate really means nothing. Anyone who has built a gyro or small light sport /...
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    Some Thoughts on the Rotary Wing Forum.

    I can break it down and make it really easy to understand for all... 1. If your popular on this forum... be that, you post a lot, have a high post count, your well known in the gyro community, your well-liked ( by a good majority at least .... you become a high profile person here...
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Things happen greg. I have bent the keel and tail on my gyro before. And I don't give 2 F's what you think or say, I know damn well I am one of the best and most naturally talented gyro pilots around. I've seen many good pilots ding a machine up. No reason to throw Vance under the bus.
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    When Dennis first showed up at Mentone many years ago with his first gyro... long before he had opened or possibly even considering becoming a kit maker... I looked over his gyro very closely, and might have even flown it. Long story short, I took issue with the twist grip throttle. The...
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    That Thigpen doing the first flight honors?
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    no, I would need to wait till fall to come get it.
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    All Talk, No Action

    I find it crazy that Greg would make a post like that, then not come back and comment further for days.