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  • hey bro! long time no see.

    anyways hey listen I been wanting to get into the rc plane sport
    and its a little confusing thought you might have some knowledge

    is it complicated getting the remote tied to the different servos etc?

    I have seen a few planes on CL for really good deals

    thanks man!
    You were saying that the cronny1 gyro is worth 7500$. How does it compare to the one over in TX for 8,500$ for sale on Barnstormers.com ? I was Just wondering if you had any input?
    I am not aware of anyone out that way, I would start a thread asking the same question of the whole forum, maybe there is someone out there I am not aware of
    Hello Ron
    I see you are very active in the gyrocopter sport. I live in sheridan Wy. Do you know of any body flying gyrocopters in my area.
    I will get the date for you and what airport. No FAA I talked to the coordinator of the event right now he is in California. More gyros the better
    Hey Ron just was wondering if you would be interested in attending a fly in that my work Hondajet flying club they asked if I would do fly bys/demos. Be cool if we could do this (note) FAA might be there. I have showed your video to a few guy and were impressed as well as I saw you ringing out 2 place, most are lead sleds.
    Hello, I have recently bought a Gyro and was wanting to find some people to fly with. I live in the Charleston, SC area.
    any chance I can drive to goose creek in the future to get some rides with ya in ur gyro. I'm gonna build a gyro bee and fly it! I'm serious let me know! I'll pay for your time!
    Ron check the thread re Pilots losing their guns. If its not political then I just did my best to make it so. More inflammatory crap from mad dog conservative and Rush gush from Dale Young.
    Ron can you also delete me too, it seems I am not worthy any longer to be apart of this forum. I deleted myself as much as possible but can't seem to kick myself off permanently. I wish to leave now I am sure a lot of people will be glad to see me go. I am after all arrogant, unfit as a women and a gyro pilot or even a human being for that matter. So please delete me as soon as possible so I can go on my way with the little bit of pride I have left that is only hanging on by a thread.
    Ron can you close that thread. I am becoming a punching bag and don't like it much. My intentions where good but the way it came out was defiantly they wrong way of doing it and a bad decision on my part. After a break up with some one you truly loved happens it can mess with ones mind big time and I can see where this thread took a road that I regret. I did delete all my posts but it is very ugly to see what others put. I guess they tried to teach me a lesson but it only hurts to read.
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