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  • Hi Ron. Where are you located in NC? Also are flying a 2 place dominator? How can I reach you? Dan
    Im in the charlotte area, but don't have a two seater anymore. A friend at my airport has a Sparrowhawk he recently purchased but we need to go through it before we can start flying it
    Thank you I have family there.
    Muffler for the Yamaha 130FI with 2" header pipe on Little Wing 5 tractor ????

    I had a few bystanders yesterday during engine tests at the airport. Normally I'm wearing headsets or sound suppressors. The bystanders were not. They seem to think that the stock header configuration was pretty loud. I notice on the rotary Wing Forum you've had some discussions about mufflers, what was your final decision?

    In my particular configuration, the header pipe comes straight down through the lower cowl half, at a very slightly rearward angle. I would have to make a disconnect there, on the 2-inch pipe and continue down and rear with a 90 and muffler. The 90 and Muffler combination would have to be removable so that I could remove my lower cowl.

    Of course with any choice, size, streamline, weight and cost.

    hiện, lập tức nhảy lên nhằm vào chủ nhân của mình.

    Cũng không phải toàn bộ thi khôi đều như vậy, ước chừng có một phần ba

    thi khôi sau khi ra khỏi quan tài, vẫn đứng ở nơi đó không nhúc nhích, mù mờ đưa mắt nhìn quanh bốn phía.
    dịch vụ kế toán thuế trọn gói trung tâm kế toán tại tphcm học kế toán tại cầu giấy chung cư newskyline văn quán

    Vương Lâm khiếp sợ nhìn cảnh tượng trước mắt, hễ thi khôi nào cắn nuốt

    tu sĩ xong, cuối cùng toàn bộ đều không sai biệt lắm có tu vi Trúc Cơ

    hậu kỳ. Nhìn mười mấy quái vật trước mắt, da đầu Vương Lâm phát lạnh, hắn thật cẩn thận lui về phía sau.
    Hello, I'm getting ready to start ground school for private license and was told that I needed a book called
    "Gyros and Helicopters Handbook"... or something like that. Are you aware of this book and where I can buy it? Thanks
    Hello Ron

    Wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes.
    Feel proud and honoured to recieve wishes from you.

    Best Wishes.

    I had made a posting a while back in the for sale section where I listed my 1999 Air Command for sale. In that I ad today I put "Admin, please delete this thread". Could you delete it for me? I place another ad today so make sure you get the right one LOL. Many thanks my brother!
    Yeah, I got the zulu's..... they nice! I use a cheapy 50$ mp3 player for the tunes.

    Bensen Days, to be honest, Im 95 percent sure I am NOT going. I got alot of stuff going on, Im still not a CFI so I can't go down there to make a profit, it costs me alot of money and so on. I have a important race I plan to run on the sunday of the bensen days event, so Id have to leave BD's by saturday morning to come home. We will see but most likely no. I do think I will be going to Mentone though. Maybe you should consider that, you'd like it, be difference from being in florida and nice weather up there.
    Yo Ron, how's it? About to order a Zulu2. I remember using your Zulu, and the sound quality. What were you using for your tunes? Geeze, seems like we had this conversation
    already... You goin to BD's? I'm on the fence, boring. I'm runnin' out of hobbies...
    Work is goin' off, more than I can do. Bankin. Later.
    Ron,,,,Do you know about Tripple Tree Aerodrome????
    It's south of Greenville, SC....
    The Fly-in there is this week end,,,Sept 7, 8 & 9th
    Is this near Wrens?
    Is Wrens fly-in near thia date?
    Ron Iaconis
    Dell with windows vista. which mp4 to avi converter are you using? how are you recording the video and how are you saving the file? call me and we will discuss it 704-756-4600
    Thanks for your input, Ron, with reference to using the Go Pro and your successful editing. I concur with your comments. Just one question...what operationg system is on your computer as my success with the same processes and Windows Movie Maker are poor relative to your videos. (Dell w/ idows XP)
    Hi Ron, I sent you a p-m, have you read it? I know that you are not a CFI, and I am not asking for training, only a ride or two, or three. What you know I would like to know, and riding along with you I may learn to understand more for my own self. I have the required hours posted in my log book, have flown my own bird, but like any wise low hr. pilot am hoping to experience more from the pilots that I watch and admire. Please let me know. Thank you, Joe Daly.
    Hello Mr. Awad. My name is Joe Daly, a farmer from Hart, Mi. We met and I flew with you at last springs Bensen Days. I am a student pilot and owner of the 582 Monarch which I had with me at the time. I explained to you that I had some 21hrs dual in logs, yet I did a very poor job of following your instructions and flying your gyro properly. I would like another opportunity to fly with you in your aircraft if possible. You may recall, I didn't do well with accomplishing the standards as posed in the Practical Test, and I must improve and master them. Since seeing you I have flown my Monarch. I flew her like I needed to and did okay. Ron would you be available for three or four days or so at the very end of Oct. or the first week of Nov? I have to finish picking apples right now. I would appreciate this very much, as I want to continue to move forward with my skill level, and learn ahead of time to be a safe and wise pilot. Thank you sir. Sincerely yours, Joe Daly, N582FB
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