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  • Hi Tom,

    I'm in Australia and am interested in purchasing a wunderlich prerotator and head from you. I've sent several emails to you over the last couple of months and am yet to get a reply - is there a different email address that I should use other than [email protected], or should I post my inquiry here?

    About Two years ago I was looking for a Air Command 447 and you told me you had one. Do you still have it?
    I left you a voice mail a couple days ago...guessing your swamped.

    But when you can, please call me 801-750-3277


    Hi Tom, sent an email separately. USPS doesn't show they have the rotor tach shipment. Can you confirm it was taken to Postal Service yesterday?
    Thanks, Glen
    I'm in VA and am very interested in a VA chapter, was unawear we even had one till I started surching there is not a thread for the chapter like all the others. I am in southern VA down in Pertersburg no where near Washington at all and am also unawear of any gyro pilots here north of VA Beach. I would be more than happy to take over this chapter 22 or do what is nessessary to start and build a new one, maybe John ,Tom or Dean can contact me wil the info my number is 443-794-9107, I have 3 folks that would like to be in this chapter at the moment and maybe even more if one existed.

    Tom plese post and PM me or call with info.

    Also John don't forget to let me know what you want to do with the plans portion of the volinteer position you have me in.

    Dean please PM me with answer
    I sent you a couple emails over the past 2 weeks as well as several msgs on your phone.. I need to order a cable core from you. I attached a pic, the length and rotation in the last email.

    I need to get in touch with you about an inspection,, Please call me.. or James Mitchum at 843-693-7600

    thanks again Tom..

    Steve McGowan 478-461-1451

    I sent you a few emails Thursday and today and have not got a reply back from you so I guess there not going through.

    What I wanted to know is if you can get the cable in the Mail on Saturday (tomorrow) or at the lastest Monday So we can have it before Thanksgiving weekend? I am trying to make plans for the weekend. I see you have been on the forum today so I know you should be able to see this.

    Thank You,

    I forgot to add i did not origionally assessemble it. Although I have had it completely apart to paint it.
    Tom, I have a dominator rolling chassis. When I get it flyable is there any way to get an N number for it?

    I have been trying to get in touch with you for a couple of weeks by phone with no luck. I need a drive wheel bushing for my prerotator. Can you call me Ed Lemoine 321-217-3901 Thx Ed
    My wife sent the check for the vertec mag on the 2nd or third. She said she has not seen the invoice or the mag.
    What is current status?
    Roundwing, Rick Fansler
    You said something about you might have a AC to inspect in Ft. Lat. Fla. I did not know if you would be flying down or driving down to do this, but If you drive I am 15 miles off I-95 or I could meet you out there. Would it be best to call and talk to you about the DAR service?
    Hi Tom, have emailled you some pictures of our Hornet. Only thing we have to do is attach a magnet for the Schwin rotor tach and attach the plate which we are having inscribed today. What now?
    Thanks Leigh and Stuart.
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