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  • Tom,
    How's it coming on all the prerotator parts?
    Will I be able to buy one before winter gets here?
    ...... please let me know where we're at as far as a time frame to get one made up.
    Jake Jones in Wyoming
    I need an approximate time frame on being able to buy a prerotator from you.
    Jake Jones in Wyoming
    Tom, I need you to respond to my phone calls and/or emails..... I want to order my prerotator ASAP!
    Jake Jones
    Tom, I really need to speak to you, urgently. Call me at the store in the am 615-446-7607 or cellphone 615-390-2228. Thanks. David McCutchen
    Tom, I sent you an email last week. I need a price for a new rubber wheel for my prerotator on my Air Command 447 so I can PayPal you.
    Thanks, Paul
    HEY TOM,
    I have my home -built ready for inspection. Need ALL of the necessary papers. Larry Miller,
    Big Dawg
    Tom since you cant travel at this time can i bring my gyro to your house or shop for certification. It's the aircommand that is now at chris burgess' hanger. You have all the information on it. Let me know if we can do this so i can rent a uhaul or something to bring it to you. Call me anytime if you like 240-876-0496. I sent you a regular e-mail also through aol. Thanks again and hope you are getting better evry day.

    What Steve said. Call me buddy. I want to spend some money with you!

    Scott 513-383-5046
    Tom - have tried calling and e-mail and have left messages. You don't respond. PLEASE call me at 859-409-9366. I need to order some things from you.

    I know you are a super busy dude, but would you please call me either at my shop (928) 305-9800 or my cell (928) 503-4180.
    I tried leaving messages at Calumet air but perhaps you will see this first.
    Thank you
    Ben Suissa in Yuma AZ (N388HS)
    Hi Tom,
    Bobby Ireland gave you some prerotator parts,(hub &rubber wheel) at Mentone. He's
    asked me to e-mail you,as he's anxious to fly Big Dawg (Larry Miller)
    Hi Tom. Yesterday Edypaul and I were talking and he showed me something very interesting. He had two pre-rotator wheels from you and they were of markedly different character. The one I had on my machine was extremely compression resistant when measured by pressing the edge with the thumb and the other which he had in his hand was very compressible by comparison. He did not know whether you had intentional changed to this softer wheel (which seems to wear very quickly) or if your supplier had changed and you hadnt noticed. Anyway this is just a heads up.
    Ben, I have just returned from vacation. I believe I am waiting for an engine serial number. Will check.
    Best to e-mail me direct. I seldom sign in here lately... too busy
    Tom, I know you are busy, but I tried calling and leaving a message as well as E-mail.
    Please let me know if there has been any activity with my gyro thus far.
    Not rushing, but I want to add something to my rig and it needs a # to do it.
    Ben S in Yuma
    Hey Tom!! Go ahead with the airworthiness paperwork for my Dom if you can. Gimme a call 219-308-8589 if you need to talk to me.
    Tom, I am in Chicago with the M24 Greg has called you about. I had planned to head back tomorrow but if you think it will work out, I could stay another day or so. My cell is 251-236-0817. I know you were waiting on an answer from the FAA, but when we take it off display tomorrow I could bring it to you. Let me know if that would help, if I don't hear from you I will just head back tomorrow. Thanks, Grover.
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