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    A Cavalon Crashed

    It appears to me that the aircraft veered left on the takeoff roll. Hard to tell with the quality of the video and distance involved. Enlarge the video and press "0" on your keyboard to keep jumping back to the beginning of the video. It looks like there is very little lateral movement in the...
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    sending a private message

    Click their name and when the popup comes up, click their name again. Then click the 'About' button.
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    Read ability

    No apologies necessary. We all get stumped now and then. Glad it was a simple fix.
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    Read ability

    Do you mean the text? Mine shows as black text on a white background.
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    A new tractor design

    Others have chimed in on this subject, but I don't think you're taking their advice to heart. Your lack of experience is leading you to solve problems that don't exist, create problems where there should be none, and over-estimate the performance of a two place gyroplane. Do you have any flight...
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    MTOsport - N498AG - Texas - trees

    I agree. I learned to fly just before moving map GPS became common, and relied on paper maps. After planning my flight, I always kept aware of wind direction and my general location. "I'm 6 miles east of Wherever, and should be crossing river X in 15 minutes", etc. I continued this practice with...
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    Chinese military gyros.

    I spotted this picture in an article from The Sun:
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    Awash with Spam

    You're welcome guys. We'll get a handle on the new software eventually.
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    Awash with Spam

    I set the new user registrations to Manual Approval. I am looking into how to set up a Verified User Category after reviewing their initial posts. Be patient, both Todd & I have multiple real-world jobs to keep us busy.
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    Awash with Spam

    I'm on it! I gotta do a little research on how this new forum works for spammers.
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    Taggerts original web info

    Try here Leigh: And here is the link for what appears to be the last archive of the website, but you can use the slider on the date ranges near the top to see previous versions...
  12. gyromike it a force, or an effect?

    And in that case would the correct phrase be "retreating blade stall"?
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    Where can I get plans for the Cri Cri (Cricket) plane?????!!!

    And you can't go anywhere in a Cri-Cri?
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    Chuck, Would it be possible to use an automotive CV joint for a floating hub rotor? I've never torn into a CV joint, so I'm just throwing spitballs here...
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    Looking for constructive criticism!

    Unless you specify that the aircraft must meet Part 103, it's misleading to say that you don't you need a license.