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  • Thanks Ed, and welcome aboard!
    I had forgotten about the "biography". I stole that from the internet :)
    gyromike, Thx. for the tip to check "remember me". I wanna be your friend, cause you have done everything 500 red blooded great Americans men could ever do, except--------make stone soup. Your "About Me" is the best on RF ! Thanks too for being a Administrator
    Hey Mike,
    I hope everything's going good for you and hope to see you at Bensen days or even New Years if you can.

    This message if from one of my hangar mates, J.R. Brown. He asked me to tell you that he was in the "Mysterious Missle Launch" thread under " "Off Topic" and as soon as he clicked on the Youtube link in the first post, he got a virus on his computer.

    I didn't see anyone else reporting a problem and JR has been having computer issues lately. But I think he just didn't want anyone else to get the virus if there was one.

    See ya!

    - Rick
    Mike I had posted a classified to sell my EIS and now its gone. Im also told that I dont have access to edit or.... whatever. Whats the deal?
    Hi Mike. I am doing good. How have you been? Have you finished your Dominator?

    I don't recall that thread, but I don't read all the threads either. It should still be there. Maybe you should start a thread asking if any of the RAF regulars remembers where it may be.
    Mike hi, Have not been on for a while but last time under RAF there was a thread by OSSI RUSS who was sort of documenting mods to a RAF. Have you cleaned up the site or is ir somewhere else now?
    Mike, I need to edit my classified(s) "Sport Copter Vortex" but the system will not let me do it. I have one unposted ad which I can't delete and the other needs to be changed. Can you help? If nothing else - delete them so I can start over.
    How come I have a private message sent to you "porn on your site"? I did not send such a message

    i am chasing the spammer to keep his name of the forum just in case you are thinking i am posting a lot of topics!
    regards gary
    Why can't I edit (not enough permissions) or delete my classified ads? Can you help?
    THNX - Brock
    MIKE please SHUT DOWN the thread referring to Right Wing by Pearce. It has already crossed a line of hatred that belongs elsewhere.

    I sent this request to Todd some time ago, and then repeated it in a message in the administration section. No response yet. I know you folks are busy.

    Please setup a section for PRA Chapter 56 -- Peach State (Georgia).


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