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  • Hi Mike ! Can you connect me with Dick Degraw or some other jobshop constructor guy for a project I have ?
    I am still experiencing the same issues. Get the same warnings. Site is VERY slow in responding.
    Can't figure it out. Any updates or fixes in the works?
    Hey Mike,
    One of our chapter members, Geoff Resney, says he has tried repeatedly to join the forum. Geoff''s screen name is 447MR.
    Thanks, Tom
    Hello - my name is Terry Baldwin. Do you still have your StarBee for sale?
    If so may I call you and ask some questions?
    My cell number is 574–835–4410
    Thank you Terry
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    Hi Terry. The Starbee has been sold. Sorry, I forgot to take the ad down.
    Hi Mike,
    the MAC starter thread you deleted......... was it something I said? (or didn't say)?

    I'm sitting here in my RLC T-shirt and saw "Abbeville". I have to take my kid to the airport in the morning to catch a flight back to work. My son, Mike , is in Venice, LA. now. He hasn't been stationed in Abbeville for a while.
    Tommy Milton
    SSDR thread title change request please can you change the title to " SSDR UK single seat gyroplanes"
    we are trying to get a group together to change Uk regulations and the thread title does not do it justice ... it's not a typical thread drift , it's just a better identification of what the thread is about.
    I just added the disclaimer as a sticky thread. Please let me know if someone comes up with a useful addition we might want to incorporate.



    some time ago Mirek (msmfi) noted that there might be legal issues with our "Technical Books Papers & Publications" section. After the incident with the chap who asked to share copyrighted material I thought that Mirek is right and would like to propose that we add a disclaimer to the sticky thread in #84. This one is from the PRA download site:

    All documents shared here or links to documents are assumed to be in the public domain. Use of these documents are the responsibility of the reader not the PRA and are provided for entertainment purposes only. If you find a document here is not public domain please contact the web administrator or the administrator of the "Technical Papers, Books & Publications" section.

    Do you think it would make sense to add it to our site usage description? I have no experience with this legal stuff so if you could propose useful additions or improvements to the text I would be happy to include them.


    I just wanted you to know I think you guys are doing a great job in a difficult situation on the forum. I appreciate the job you do. Thanks. John
    this was sent to my message box ----gyromike's Avatar
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    Default Re: 90 mac
    Originally Posted by taint
    i was told you may have a 90 mac in good cond for sale. let me know what you got .thanks taint
    I sure don't. I only have the one on my Bensen and my spare parts.
    Mike Gaspard
    Forum Administrator
    Kaplan, Louisiana
    Bensen B8MG, NX36MG
    Pelican State Rotor Club
    [email protected]
    (337) 351-0012 Cell
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    That Helicopter Helmet that you are wearing in the video,,,,,,,
    That's been lately on the forum,,
    Where can I get a helmet like that,,,I see it has provisions for a com set...
    Ron Iaconis

    I would love to participate more in the forum, and I believe in the value of all perspectives in such discussions. But lies and slander and misleading non-facts are preventing the really constructive people from participating in truly constructive investigation and information.

    Please let me know what can be done, what are the rules of the forum, before I pursue other recourse.

    - Greg Gremminger

    My current reference is to Mr. Breese’s posts on the Gyroplanes Thrustlines vs. Center of Gravity thread. To start, I request that all personally defaming posts by Mr. Breeze since April 3 to present be removed; and that any posts that quote Mr. Vance’s defaming comments about me be also removed. I will be expecting a public apology from Mr. Breese, and assurances from the forum that this will not happen again.

    I have considered this forum to be a valuable tool to improve safety and growth of our sport, but the misinformation being spread by many lately are driving people out of the sport and promoting some very unsafe concepts. The FAA and regulators around the world monitor this forum and the image such misleading comments give these regulators is hurting the community.
    Hi Mike, are you still an administrator of this forum? I haven't heard back from Todd on the following:

    Can you tell me if and where there are rules posted concerning civility and defamation of character in posts on the Rotary Wing forum? I am very disturbed by recent defamation comments by Mr. Vance Breese, and before I investigate more drastic action, I would like to see if any rules of the forum can do anything about Mr. Breese's insulting comments on my character. Many of the statements Mr. Breese is making about me, the work I have and am doing, the gyroplane standards, and my character are offensive lies.
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