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    Happy Birthday Toby Harvey!

    Thx Thx Thanks all.. it's been a while since I checked out the forum.. I have been doing some tail work on my gyro though.. It's a long work in progress. :) I hope everyone has been doing well!
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    Happy Birthday Toby Harvey!

    Thank you Vance!!
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    More fun flying The Predator.

    Always nice reading your stories Vance..
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    Happy birthday Toby Harvey.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
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    Rod End Bearings

    Whats the best source for Rod End Bearings for the push tubes? And what part number do you use?
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    1,400 hours as Pilot in Command.

    congrats Vance. I cant wait to get 1 hour of PIC let alone 1400!
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    Instrument Pod

    Selling? Selling? Are you selling the pod and windshield since your changing to a pod?
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    Memorial Day.....miss you mom

    Sorry for your loss Ernie...
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    Air Gyro found their Sothern California Representative.

    Congrats Vance. I have always liked the looks of the Cavalon. Just wished you lived closer!!!
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    My Brother Greg is flying with the angles.

    Sorry for your loss John.. I will be praying for you..
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    Rotax 503 belt drive

    redrive redrive j-bird sells them.
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    1,300 hours as pilot in command.

    Congrats in your achievement Vance...
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    Alaska Bush flying

    Nice!!! Wish I could make a trip up there.
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    Another Georgia/Carolina Challenge! - Bensen Days 2014 - March 26th thru 29th

    Wow Stan, thank God you are ok...
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    Happy Birthday Toby Harvey!

    Thank you Vance.. and Mike..