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    Political correctness gone amuck - removing La Cierva from History!

    In 1923, after four years of experimentation, Juan de la Cierva developed the articulated rotor, which resulted in the world's first successful flight of a stable rotary-wing aircraft, with his C4 Autogyro. I believe you’ll all agree this was a major milestone in aviation history and of course...
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    Chris, Steph and I are deeply saddened. Thinking of you and praying for you. It seems so unfair! - Greg & Steph Gremminger
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    New World Record run - Dr. Paul Salmon

    Dr. Paul Salmon completed several record gyroplane runs last year. Across US and back, longest non-stop distance, etc. On Thursday, April 28, Paul completed a new world record run: • World record for heavy class of gyroplanes – Longest non-stop distance on a closed circuit. • Non-stop from...
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    Hi Steve, relative to Dubai thread: Accident on Feb 1 in Centralia IL was a CLT Dom style with a...

    Hi Steve, relative to Dubai thread: Accident on Feb 1 in Centralia IL was a CLT Dom style with a Dom T-tail. Blades flapped and hit rudder. Apparently after engine suddenly quit at about 300 ft. Made 180 downwind turn and apparently jammed the nose down. Witness says rotor was slowing and...
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    fatal gyro accident in Mallorca

    Defending Vittorio Defending Vittorio Chuck, I try to steer clear of the Rotary Forum, mostly for the insults and biased comments from a lot of posters on the forum. I will not reply again on this thread. But, honestly, Chuck, you are an adult and should know better than throwing insults...
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Flight complete Flight complete Paul arrived at Cape Girardeau just before 5 PM. The NAA was there to certify the record run. Congratulations, Paul! Some particulars that we know right now: Total time in air, 10 hrs. and 12 minutes Total miles, straight line – 1022 statute miles Average...
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Current record Current record According to FAI,, the world record for Gyroplane 500 - 1000 Kg, for distance without stopping is 879.015 sm(1414.64 km) held by Andy Keech in 2007. The straight line distance for Paul's flight from El Paso to Cape Girardeau...
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Second try Second try Paul will be trying for the record again on Tuesday, Nov 10. Weather looks much better. Last try, he was actually in the air for 9.5 hours. He had approximately 4 hours of fuel left when he landed - blocked by squall line and rain last time. Follow his SPOT tracker...
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Try again next week Try again next week Paul just texted that he is flying back to El Paso this morning, and will try again for the record next week. The tracker is still turned on - follow him. He is already almost hallway back to El Paso this morning.
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Well, the line of storms won. Paul was having a race north with a line of storms through Oklahoma and Kansas that just wouldn't let him turn East to Cape Girardeau. If he had been able to get through or around north of that thin line of storms, he would have also had a wide area of rain...
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    Non-stop record gyro run

    Paul Salmon will be starting his attempt at a new world record long distance, non-stop flight this morning at daybreak. He will be flying from El Paso, Texas to his home base at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Paul is flying in a Magni M22. He has 72 gallons of fuel onboard (Ferry bladder tanks in...
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    New record attempt.

    Salmon Gyroplane Record video Salmon Gyroplane Record video I had the chance to speak with Paul when he returned to his home base in Cape Girardeau. It's posted on You Tube (
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    Gyroplane Lands on Capital Hill Lawn?

    Kudos to Doug! He has accomplished his goal to bring attention to the loss of our representative Democracy here. More guts than I have, and I'm not talking about flying the gyro. He wanted to hijack the news media for this cause, and he did it. I doubt our politicians will pay any attention...
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    Magni M-14 re-build project for sale

    Accident happened around September 15. He had flown it from Missouri to Massachusetts a bit before that. I presume he had just sent in the Registration Application about the same time he got the machine home. It had developed spongy brakes shortly after getting it home. Fara, you are...
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    Magni M-14 re-build project for sale

    repairs repairs I am a bit reluctant to post on this thread. But, in the interest of safety, I might clarify the damage extent and repair project. First, the M14 is still available new from the factory. We have not advertised it in the U.S. because our Assembly Instructions are way...