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  • Hi Greg - thanks for the message.

    The forum is not a happy place, far too divisive and nasty. I can understand why you don't post although your message contains many points that add to the recent accident.

    May I post your comments with no reference to you ?

    It's amazing the forum experts have gone over the Dubai accident again and again slamming the pilot, the Euro Tub design, the competition all very unpleasant, yet have expressed no "insight" into the US Dom fatal.

    Too many are living in the 1980s !


    I've only just seen your messages. Thanks for the concern and interest. I don't blame you for not getting too involved in the forum, it can get out of hand pretty quickly.
    I'm not at home at the moment and replying on a little tablette thing, so will reply in more detail when I get back next week.
    Hello Greg:
    I am hoping to come to Mentone next month, and bring my little gyro. I was hoping I could get you to give me an endorsement so I could fly during the event. You can contact me at [email protected] or "Gyro28866" here on the forum. 615-390-2228 cell. Also will ther be another flyin this fall at Mt. Vernon. Have a great day!
    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for explaining the password protection. I haven't had time to delve into the program yet but would like the ability to modify various parameters as I play with it.

    I applaud your efforts in attempting such an endeavor. I suspect that excel will not be adequate to model a gyro, but you are starting something. That gets the ball rolling, and we will be further along in our understanding because of your efforts.


    Could I please get your contact information to pass on to someone who wants to talk to you about getting gyroplanes for police use and to get training from you?


    Randy Olson
    Greg, hope you are doing well and hope i will see you at mentone this year, just a question, what is the cost of a Magni these days, delivery etc.

    Wayne Hubbs Tennessee
    Hello Sir,

    I have been reading many of your posts on gyro stability, thank you very much! In one of them, you mention using a Dominator tail on your machine... I just started building a Hornet, I am sure you have seen the design. It is supposedly CLT, and uses a large HS mounted on the keel. I was wondering if a Dominator tail would be good on this model... I would be interested in reading about your opinion on this, pros and cons...

    Thank you, have a great week-end,

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