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    A certain president suggested sending astronaults to the sun. Scientists toldf him that they would burn up. He said they could go at night.
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    dual intake silencer for Rotax 582 wanted

    I have one but let me talk you out of buying one. The expense of buying one even used does not justify the little noise reduction you will get. A new one is about $200. You will have to rejet your carbs otherwise the rotax will run too rich. Needles and jets for both carbs will run $103 plus...
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    Gyros for sale at Bensen Days

    Rick, is David getting out of gyros or is it time for some new toys?
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    Just went through surgery to rebuild my right ear. Using earplugs to fly gyros for the noise. Im a disabled veteran and have been doing battle with the VA for 6yrs trying to get something done. I spent a summer underwater dredging gold and that did not help my ears. Be careful and take care of...
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    Soma info needed

    Go online for VW dune buggy parts vendors. I have a good friend that has run a german imports shop for over 40 yrs, Dune buggy shocks take a lot of abuse. I have had no problems with them.
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    Soma info needed

    The shocks on my Dominator are VW dune buggy shocks. They dont cost an arm and a leg.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    There is new battery technology on the horizon. Toyota will be coming out with a vehicle that has a solid state battery setup. There is no fire danger like the lipo and lithium ion batteries. The range will be 600miles or double any other electric vehicle and have a 30 min recharge time. I could...
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    I'd be concerned with the strength of the wheels. Are they metal or some kind of plastic? A side load on landing could make for an expensive repair. Reminds me of the plastic Azusa wheels used back in the eighties.
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    Heli Build

    Pool supply stores sell a floating lawn chair type with plastic rectangular floats that might work for your project.
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    The forum is in decline; why?

    I got into the sport about 20yrs ago and got to meet a good number of the pioneers of the sport at bensen days and mentone. Everyone was made to feel welcome and encouraged to become a part of the gyro family and that was what it was a family affair. A trip to Wachula from NC cost me about $1000...
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    Air & Space Heliplane

    I thought that at the time he took a flight after his evening meal and the crash caused the contents of his stomach and the acid was aspirated into his lungs complicating things that resulted in his death. Maybe the heart attack caused the crash initially and guys were talking about how much it...
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    Somebody flying along on a crosscountry flight in a Zenith CH601 fixed wing happened to notice that his prop spinner was no longer in the centerline made an emergency landing at my strip last week. upon inspection of the Rotax 912 it was seen that 2 of the bolts attaching the engine to the bed...
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    Amazing Hand Free Flying RotorWay Turbo Helicopter

    Back in the late 1980's a gentleman from Rock Hill S.C. came up in his chromed out turbocharged Scorpion and gave some of the ultralight crowd a ride in it. It flew hands off. The gentleman ran a transmission shop and a week after he came up someone walked into his shop robbed him, shot and...
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    Shortening a Warp Drive

    warp props warp props I decided one time to have a new 3 blade warp tips rounded. I sent the prop back to warp and they did a beautiful job. Makes for a nicer looking prop.
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    Drone power

    flyboard air flyboard air If you want to see something really wild google FlyBoard Air. A hint of whats to come?