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  • Doug, do you know where Larry sourced his brake system for the Monarch gyro? I'm having master cylinder problems and need parts. Any help would be appreciated. [email protected]
    I believe he used Honda Motorcycle parts on the Super Sky Cycle. Not sure what he used on the Monarch. But I would look to see if they are motorcycle parts.
    how would I get your e- mail address I just tried calling you no answere. tried pra they don't have it
    Hi Doug Duaner here. Heres a message from Jane if you dont allready have it....

    John and Jennifer,

    I just got JR home from the hospital. He was helping his dad tear down a building when instead of falling straight down, it was like it exploded and went out. JR wasn't able to get away quick enough, tripped over a post, and the building fell on his leg. He has a compound fracture and shattered leg. The doctor removed 20+ bone fragments. He now has bone grafting, plates, and lots of screws. He is not allowed to put any weight on his leg for at least 6 weeks. He is also sick from the pain meds. For him to request no visitors, you know he isn't feeling well.

    I'll keep you posted as to how he is doing.

    Gday, Doug -

    Chris & I just saw Alan C's post, the SSC for sale on Craigslist. We wondered if you knew of anyone besides Larry who has ever flown one ??

    Thnx, Jim T
    Doug, enjoyed meeting and talking to you at Mentone. I'm sorry I missed your forum, I was at the flight line and the time just got away from me. Thanks for your service as a PRA board member.
    Stan VanDenBrink
    hi mate ,im bob and if you like you can add me
    im (mechanical engineer) and want to made a personal helicopter like mosquito but i dont have compelet,exact plane ..
    i started with studing on furi plan but i im not sure about it so if i had another plane like a/w95 or mosq...
    my email:[email protected]
    Sorry, Not sure how to post to appropriately on this forum. What would it take to fit an MT03 with sportcopter blades. Considering getting an MT03 but worried about the service life on the blades,especially with the advisory issued .. Any advice.
    Hello GyroDoug , I joined the forum a month ago my forum name is Asssman.real name is Phil Gareau. from what i have read abutterfly is the way to go and you are a dealer.I live in Bellingham Ma. with no dealers near me and not much gyro activity around me. I have too many questions to type them in. My cell # 508-243-9002 please call me when you have time or give me a # and a time when i can reach you . Thanks Phil
    Dou have a list of the chapter 2 members that shows the forum member name? I would like to invite all of our members to join the chapter 2 community. It would be an easy way to maintain contact.
    Hi Doug, I am making plans to attend the june outing in fairfield. Jim may call you and get info too. He has a bannock gyro he needs blades and a prop for- and he may attend with me. Will there be an opportunity to get some instruction while there? I'd like to fly my b8m safely and do mods to make it/ keep it safe.
    Erik in Twin Falls, 208 731 1009
    Gday, Doug -

    Another dilemma - I'd like your opinion.

    I AM aware of a video clip on a Kit Manufacturers website that is very deceptive and contains false information.

    According to multiple eye witnesses.

    The info n the vid affects my case with You Know Who. It also affects the Gyro World. What should I do ?

    Thru my lawyer, I offered a settlement, which His lawyer did not even show Him.

    This is eating away at me & Chris, but I AM not willing to roll over and let the deception go on !

    I am sorry to contact you directly but I do not find how to post a question in the forum.
    Thank you for your help.

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