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    First flight / new gyro pilot = too dangerous

    SandL has the right idea just the wrong way to go about it. To try and get Airports into some sort of endeavor like he suggests, the only way they would take on that extra burden would be by federal regulation and we don’t want that to happen. It sends a bad message to the feds that we are not...
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    First flight / new gyro pilot = too dangerous

    Tough love is what is needed for the new gyro builder. There shouldn’t be dancing around trying to make him feel warm and fuzzy when being straight up an honest about his pride and joy needs to be done. This is not judging a bake sale, there is a lot more at stake here. What he is being told...
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    Great words of advice

    I always hated this one. If she's a bitch why would anyone marry her? It's when she is a bitch then you divorce her. OK just got it, I divorce her and the new husband gets the bitch. Jokes on him.
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    GoPro's are tough.

    It goes to show an accelerated stall/spin even if not recoverable can still be survivable if you’re flying a GoPro.
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    Back before everything had to be “politically correct” it was wop wop wop. Can’t say that now. That is why it is hard to explain the sound of a huey coming in low over the ridge. Same old familiar sound just no PC name for it.
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    Sep 1, 2012 Chapter 56 Meeting at Rome, GA (KRMG)

    After talking to Jon I was eager to go to my first meeting. That was until my wife informed me that some of the kids were coming in for that weekend. Love to see the kids and love it when they come here, it beats the heck out of driving to see them. Darn it why of all weekends did they...
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    It's not a thump, a thud or a woosh. I don't know how it's spelled, but I do know it when I hear it.
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    Safari helo fatal accident

    Truely sad news, prayers and condolences for family and friends. RIP Ken.
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    Fa 330 combat use narrative

    Dino, That would be a hard thing to do leaving one behind. Sort of like leaving a kid behind, not that I would do it. But I been around a few that if they were mine I might have considered it. Children are like farts your own are tolerable while others are horrendous.
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    Fa 330 combat use narrative

    Dino, The avatar is a Genesis G1sa that I plan on building. Gabor put some of his Photoshop magic to recolor it orange so I could see how I liked it. My plan was to be building by now, but family matters put it on hold.
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    Fa 330 combat use narrative

    It maybe trivia to all but me, it is something new and I find it interesting. Like why the Germans decided to use the three bladed rotor, HS and huge rudder? Were these used trying to overcome the problems in operating, launching or recovery? Or were they the cause of the problems? Was the...
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    Ase 750na

    Let us know what the turbo is like when you get to fly it. Also what it is in, weight and configuration of the aircraft and the propeller used. Anything you can contribute will be appreciated.
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    Bullet Proof Engines?

    The one thing not mentioned as why an engine in an aircraft doesn’t last as long. Even the automotive engines that are transplanted into aircraft do not hold up like they did in the car. The aircraft has the same problem as the boat. If the craft is moving the engine is under load and stays...
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    Fa 330 combat use narrative

    Tony, 70 years ago they had a HS and one huge rudder. Today we still debate on the size, location or even the need of using an HS.