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    Hey Chuck, have a question about 3 blade gyro

    I would throw into the discussion, that the 2/rev vibration only occurs in 2 blade rotors. 3-blades ones need to have lead lag joints, in order to cushion the changing drag per blade, while 2-blades ones do this with the entire mast. Kai.
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    Gyro History

    But, as you get faster, don't the scales tip further towards the FW? There is a limit as to how fast you can fly in relation to your rotor blade tip and the faster you go, the more of your retreating blade is useless. Kai.
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    Short, take off video

    Nice video, please share, how you mount your camera now. Kai.
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    Any Cavalon owners willing to share their experiences?

    Something to consider: The cruise speed should drive the decision. Imagine you are going on a long trip and have 20% of travel speed as headwind. That is why maybe a gyroplane is not the first choice in general, but if, it should be a fast one. Kai.
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    Don't need any extra TP

    I'm glad to see that the US are so similar to Germany again, I had my doubts recently. Just to put this in perspective, while we ran out of TP and hand sanitizer on day one, flour and yeast right now, I just wonder, what the heck are the people doing? In France there was a shortage on condoms...
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    Lockdown picures

    Hello, we have closedown like most places, but luckily it does not apply to most airfields. On Good Friday we had fatastic weather, the even though we had high pressure for a while and the air normally gets hazy, but without pollution it was perfect. I have added pictures from places which...
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    Stan saying hi

    Haha, yes that was a fun story. I had a routine during that time: Every day in the morning, first vote for Stan, then read the latest Vance-story and then go to work 😀. Kai.
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    Stan saying hi

    Hi Stan, good to see you back! Kai.
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    First Stupid Question - 103 Weight

    I believe the issue is, that gyros generally need a bigger engine (more hp), which means, high motor weight, more stable motor mount etc.. This drawback needs to be caught up with even lighter construction around. Kai.
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    Dragon Wing Rotors

    Hi Ernie, so sorry to see your wonderful heritage being abused and destroyed by some con-man. I hope you will recover your financials and can enjoy retirement. Kai.
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    Forum repairs and Updates

    Hello, great work. And yes, now it works, thank you! Kai.
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    Forum failure

    Is anyone still maintaining it?
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    Forum down?

    Is it just me or is the forum sofware down? Kai.
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    I get this error when trying the "latest activities" button. Can someone please have a look? Kai.