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    First Stupid Question - 103 Weight

    I believe the issue is, that gyros generally need a bigger engine (more hp), which means, high motor weight, more stable motor mount etc.. This drawback needs to be caught up with even lighter construction around. Kai.
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    Dragon Wing Rotors

    Hi Ernie, so sorry to see your wonderful heritage being abused and destroyed by some con-man. I hope you will recover your financials and can enjoy retirement. Kai.
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    Forum repairs and Updates

    Hello, great work. And yes, now it works, thank you! Kai.
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    Forum failure

    Is anyone still maintaining it?
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    Forum down?

    Is it just me or is the forum sofware down? Kai.
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    I get this error when trying the "latest activities" button. Can someone please have a look? Kai.
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    Ultralight folding gyro from Russia.

    Hello Vance, thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was looking for. I could not find my own question, when looking into "latest activities". How did you find it? Kai.
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    Russian Ultralight Gyro with folding Mast

    Hello, we had this as a topic before: unfortunately many videos are deleted now. I wonder if anyone still has a video (link) of how the folding mechanism works? If I remember...
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    Ultralight folding gyro from Russia.

    Hello, sorry for bumping this old thread. I am looking for a video of how this gyroplane folded. It seems, some of the videos have been removed. Kai.
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    Why does it roll to the left?

    Some people don't understand the implications of falling behind the power curve. Suddenly you need more power to keep level or even climb, than you needed to take off. If you were already on full throttle, that's it. another example without so much roll here...
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    Why does it roll to the left?

    Hello Chuck, good to hear from you again.Lets see if I havet fully understood. The rotor is below the required RPMs, and therefore, the rotor plane axis would be tilted too much backwards against the rotor bearing axis. This is due to the asymmetric lift, between advancing and retreating...
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    Matto German gyrocopter

    did a little search, we talked it here, already: and here are pictures of the rotor head:
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    Matto German gyrocopter

    Hello, This is definitely an existing aircraft and has passed the German approval process. The cabin is indeed very similar to the Xenon/Tercel. You have different motor choices, a Rotax 912 120 hp turbocharged version as well as an aircooled UL-Power if I'm not mistaken. The rotor head is...
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    Aero 2018

    Hello, strictly speaking this is not a weight shift control. It is still controlling the angle of the rotorhead, which does a cyclic AoA change of the blades. However, it reverses controls, like the original Benson did, so it feels like weight-shift. Kai.