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    I would throw into the discussion, that the 2/rev vibration only occurs in 2 blade rotors. 3-blades ones need to have lead lag joints...
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    But, as you get faster, don't the scales tip further towards the FW? There is a limit as to how fast you can fly in relation to your...
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    Gyro_Kai replied to the thread Short, take off video.
    Nice video, please share, how you mount your camera now. Kai.
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    Something to consider: The cruise speed should drive the decision. Imagine you are going on a long trip and have 20% of travel speed as...
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    Gyro_Kai replied to the thread Don't need any extra TP.
    I'm glad to see that the US are so similar to Germany again, I had my doubts recently. Just to put this in perspective, while we ran out...
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    Gyro_Kai posted the thread Lockdown picures in Flying Photos.
    Hello, we have closedown like most places, but luckily it does not apply to most airfields. On Good Friday we had fatastic weather, the...
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