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  • Thanks for your kind sentiments with reference to my video. I'm still learning and enjoying which is a big part of what this sport is about. Hope our flight paths cross some day and we can share stories.
    Sounds right, probably. The MT has no front suspension and a somewhat springy main suspension. The Dom normally has proper spring, shock absorber main suspension and a spring in the nosegear. Some say, the Dom is inclined to duck-walk, so make sure you master the landings well, before you go to rough terrain. Again, try it on, you wouldn't buy shoes without trying them on first, and there the financial risk is much lower :)

    Hi Kai
    Getting closer to a descision MT03 or Dominator.
    I think I will use my gyro for trips,maybe 100 miles radius.. landing on beaches and paddocks. In my head, the Doninator is better suited, and the MT03 may be beetter for longish trips and nice "runways"to land on. What say you? Rusty
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