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    Training may likely be the issue why so many Euro Gyro Accidents

    In my opinion, most individuals that are taught in a Euro-style gyro never get beyond flying the numbers. When I transitioned into gyro's in the mid 90's. I flew with Ed Alderfer in his SxS and the Tandem Air Commands with Subaru engines. You had to learn how to sail the rotor and using only a...
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    Dragon wing blades

    Just thinking out loud here? rotor/disc load is calculated as: radius squared times Pie. R=11.5 squared = 132.25 times pie(3.14) =415.265 AUW 450 divided by 415.265 = Disc loading of 1.08 Rotor RPM would be about 345. that is a very light disc load.
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    The joys of prop starting

    Us ole school guys with Mac's and VW's had the Armstrong starters. No problem. Barney propping it off for me. This was the first flight for this gyro, it was about a 25 minute flight total. He had to hand start the rotor also.
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    My first PRA fly-in was at the National held in Green Castle the year before Mentone. I joined and have been a member ever since. I have heard first hand stories about some of the antics that went on by members at the hosting airports. As I understand it, PRA was not welcome to return at many...
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    Crash and burn... or just crash?

    Referring back to the seatbelt. I have always had a seatbelt that buckles in the middle of my stomach. great idea,... yeah right. I found myself lying on the side in a rollover. The stick was pushed into the middle of my stomach, because the rotor head was being pushed from the rotorhead resting...
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    Vance Breese Mentone 2020

    Resasi: "In the thread. Its the postal delivery pilot that flew to the White House in his Bensen." That was not a Bensen. that machine is/was a GyroBee or 1 off design. There is some history with that machine. It started and was completed by Ron Awad; then sold to Jon Carlton and was used by...
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    Some Gyroplane History Barn find!

    My transition training was with Ed Alderfer in his SxS and Tandem Air Commands. You definitely learned rotor management skills on his machines. But, I would not take anything for the training.
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    Anyone on this forum an admin on the PRA?

    Gil: Sorry for your troubles. Please contact me and lets see if we can get you resolution. Just bear with me. AT&T is terrible at home right now, and I am stuck with a lot of couch time right now. I had a Total Knee Replacement surgery last week at VA in Nashville. David McCutchen...
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    Reverse engineer Rick's CDI setup?

    I am not seeing any of the parts used by Rick on the Britcycle site now. The parts I have, on the coils the letters "ARD" are raised and highly visible also in the top of the casing of the "blackbox" the letters "ARD" are raised. When you went to their site 15 years ago. These parts were listed...
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    Reverse engineer Rick's CDI setup?

    After Rick stopped selling/building the CDI units. I did a little research. Rick was pretty slick naming his venture "Advanced Rotor Designs" and on the units the letters "ARD" are present. Actually if you will go to you will see they manufacture a cdi ignition for Triumph and...
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    Best rotor blades for Air Command gyro.

    You need to calculate your actual flight "All up weight"!!! Then calculate your disk loading. Then compare to a 12" larger disk diameter. Also, a 1' larger disk with the same cord with rotate at a lower rpm. A lower rotor rpm will also increase the Coning angle; then your teeter height will not...
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    The good, the bad and the ugly (t/offs & landings video of one training session).

    It appears to me, that your Takeoff technique needs tweeked. Lifting the mains and the nosewheel still on the ground "wheelbarrowing" is not good. Lift the nose first and the mains second. Landing Nosewheel first is not good either. A little flair and settle on the mains and then gently set the...
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    Has anyone come across this gyrocopter concept before

    A dolled up version of Dick DeGraws machine.
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    Need Advice or opinions

    My wife get motion sick in an enclosed aircraft; and claustrophobic. I go her a ride with Joe Swanton in his SxS Dominator and she absolutely loved it. The open air experience did not frighten her and she really enjoyed the ride.
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    Alphabet soup

    Thanks Brian for the clarification, I thought they meant: When I did something stupid and scared myself... WTF - Wet Turd Flowing Out on a nice afternoon playing... FFS - Flying Friendly Sky's But best of all - Crankin and Bankin brings on... LMAO - Loving My Air Orgasm