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  • David:

    Last year I asked the forum if someone ever gave rides to newbies. You graciously answered and I did not get to you for that ride. I will be there this year. Will you be so kind as to allow me the opportunity for a short ride this year? I am at just under 240 again.

    If that is too much for the Dominator, I understand and will be continuing the fight to get down to flight weight.

    I can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]
    OR here at the Rotary Forum.

    Curtis Scholl
    Hi David. Been trying to call you. My # is 218-1544 if you would call. Thanks
    Hello Jim - Possably, I have been flying around alot this past week. I have a two place Dominator, depending on the light reflection it can look yellow/orange/red.
    Hi David. I was wondering if that was you I saw flying over Dickson today. It was a red Gyro possible 2 seater about 3:30 heading West?
    Was wondering if anyone shared a copy of the plans for a expansion chamber exhaust for our MAC's. If so would you mind sending along a set to me please?
    [email protected]
    Dave, if everyone put forth the professionalism you have all these years, our sport would be welcome any where. Are you sure you want to keep flying your 2 "unsafe, unstable,
    pitch sensitive, prone to porpoise, etc. etc. I can not believe what has messed with the minds of the new breed. And they really believe this stuff. Did you ever experience
    what they are preaching ? I feel like Rip Van Winkle. [woke up after a long sleep]...
    Hello David, I hope this finds you well. I sent you a message on Facebook about the older Gyro you have or had. I'm looking to buy and am wondering if it's for sale or any help I could get from you in finding one. Thanks. Jim Maines
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