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    Hanger cleanup

    Hey Tommy, yes it is a complete side by side kit with the pedals and dual stick and throttle
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    Hanger cleanup

    I'm sorry I don't have that information.but I will be at mentone for delivery
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    Hanger cleanup

    Cleaning out my hanger and have some stuff for sale and could be delivered to mentone convention. if you see something make an offer. I will be adding more later
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    Parts From 2.5 Engine Swap

    Hello Dave this is Andrew Svehla I was wondering if you still have the 2.2 motor also the relocation muffler for it my phone number is 630-251-0802
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    Happy Birthday Chuck Roberg!

    Happy birthday Chuck!!!
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    Happy Birthday Tom Milton!

    Toms B'day Toms B'day Hey! Tommy I hope you're having a great day and celibrating your birthday.Thanks for always being there to help.
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    need tubes

    Hi you could try the tool store/go cart shop. They are near Chicago in Forest View and have a website and there phone # is 708-484-2442 I've purchased tires and tubes from them. www, Jim Welch is the owner, good luck
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    wunderlich prerotator

    Hi you need to seek out Tom Milton, of Calumett air, He has everything you need to reverse the direction of wunderlich prerotator
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    Happy Birthday Albert Dyer!

    Happy,Happy birthday buddy
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    Happy Birthday Chuck Roberg!

    Happy birthday Chuck, and many more to come. Andy
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    Most reliable Engine?

    Well, my thoughts are, why is your 582 failing, when there are thousands of them not failing, I would try to find out what you are doing to possibly cause the problem. of course if your mind is made up to reengineer your machine then have fun, see ya on Saturday Andy Midwest Gyro club Chapter 18
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    Happy Birthday Adam Helwich!

    Hey Hey, Happy birthday Adam and many many more Andy
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    Honey Bee G-2 crash, Paul Rogers

    I am very sad to hear about Paul, my prayers for his family AndyS Chapter 18 Lansing Ill.
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    Tom Milton

    Re Tom Milton Re Tom Milton Yes, the problem was in his leg a while back and thought to have been taken care of. Tom is at Community Hospital for tests and medication adjustments and observation He is in good spirits and hoping they will allow him to use his laptop to keep in touch and...
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    Tom Milton

    To all concerned, if you are trying to get in touch with Tom, he has been in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs they think migrated from his leg, He wants everyone to know he'll be out of commision for awhile and will try to keep in touch thru the internet if the doctors allow it Andy...