Gyro Technic

Gyro Technic, Inc. produces precision CNC machined components for experimental home-built gyroplanes.
Gyro Technic is for those who truly appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and the masculine beauty of machined aluminum. The overwhelming pride we have in our products shines through with every meticulously detailed component and the attention to even the smallest details.
We take no shortcuts, and nothing is ever “good enough”.
The confidence and peace of mind you will have in your aircraft with the knowledge of the extensive engineering and craftsmanship put into every Gyro Technic component will be invaluable and add to the sheer joy of every flight!
You source and purchase your own choice of engine, rotor blades, propeller, and instrumentation, and you will have a custom, safe, high performance, beautiful aircraft that will be the envy of all.
Each kit contains all the components for a complete rolling airframe chassis, flight controls, Pre-rotator, Rotor Head, Seat, Fuel tanks, and instrument pod.
Gyro Technic provides a list of recommended Engines, Rotor blades and Propellers that work well and are suitable with each model.
Kasota, MN
Gyro Technic GTVX1
Real Name
Denis Schoemaker
Mechanical Engineer - Custom machine automation & Gyroplanes!
Primary Airport


Denis Schoemaker
Gyro Technic

Office: 507-243-3991
Cell: 507-420-7998
Email: [email protected]



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