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    SportCopter build

    Stills Stills Ask and ye shall receive (well, photos anyway)
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    SportCopter build

    Here's a quick link to my time lapse shots of a sport copter lightning build. :whoo: All the sub-assemblies were completed prior to the final assembly (otherwise it would have been 5 hrs of me just standing in one spot... pretty boring :) The photos were taken in 5 minute increments... do the...
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    Join Pra Or Not? Free Forum Or Not?

    I'm not going to comment on what the PRA does or does not do with the organization... there's 100 threads out there on this topic. Can it do more, yes; but at this stage in the game (and membership), it needs volunteers to accomplish these tasks - a lot of folks on this forum simply don't have...
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    My new airplane!

    Those fixed wing thingy's are dangerous :) Congrats on the toy.
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    2 Way Airband Hand Held Radio Brand/Model Question

    I've never used that brand, but it has some nice features....
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    Pilot Test

    Well, that screen capture didn't turn out now did it... 3rd try; 22.2. This is going to be addicting for me, I can see it now. Will there be a self-help group soon :)
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    Pilot Test

    Fun little game Fun little game Right out of the chute... first time :) 19.984... didn't know how to paste it here; so I created a .jpg of it. I'll keep trying to break that record now--- any challengers :boink:
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    The Black

    Didn't know it was down Steve... what happened?
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    Taxied my Falcon

    Hey guys, there's a great little photo resizer from fast-stone. It can resize all the files in a folder to any size quick and easy... you can find it on
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    What Wrist Watch you use when flying?

    Guess... no that's not an invitation :)
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    UFO Enforcers Now for sale in the US.

    Hmmmm... maybe a UFO would look good in my hanger too :) :)
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    Rotary Engines

    Like Scott said, on a 2 place it'll work great. I'm in the middle of rebuilding a 13B for my twinstarr (for sale btw); but I don't know if I'll ever get it finished now since we just had a baby. I've read tons of articles and spoke with folks who have used rotary's on gyros. Your main issue is...
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    Former/Current Military Gyro Guys? (and gals?)

    No prob Jazzen... we (booms and gunners) used to give each other hell 24/7. I've always viewed it a bit different; we're all there to do a job. If I had chosen to be a boomer instead, I'd more than likely be retired from the service right now... oh well. No harm, no foul; and no matter what...
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    Former/Current Military Gyro Guys? (and gals?)

    Jazzen, I'm not going to bash you... not gonna lower myself. I sat many a week on alert with the boomers and several were my friends. My roommate was a boom operator as well; he died in a KC135 plane crash at Wurtsmith AFB (of which I pulled 4 people out, but he was already gone). So feel free...
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    Former/Current Military Gyro Guys? (and gals?)

    Air Force '85-'91. B-52 gunner (best job in the world --- wish I was still doing it) Reserves '92-'95 OH-58 mechanic