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  • Keep the faith, brother. You'll have the flying wrapped up in no time. I was starting ground school and flight training about this time last year. Hat's off to you for having your priorities straight. Same situation on my end...mother's 91 in descent health but needs a bit of attention. Just got te keep the flying thing under wraps or she would freak.
    Now it's my turn, I've been off the forum for a long time. My mother is pretty sick, so I've been spending all my spare time visiting with her. I hope next year, I finally get to solo.
    Hope all is well. Russ

    Sorry for the delayed response. It seems this fire season may never end. I'm sorry I missed a chance to visit with you, and get time with Mike. He is a good instructor, hopefully next year will be a bit less stressful. We lost a total of 70,000 acres, about 25,000 in my district.
    thanks for input. I will keep a close eye on the vertical brace. What problem did you have with the 5/8" gear tube. Did it collapse or loose its shape.
    Hello Steve,

    I love your Videos and you passion for gyroplanes comes though.

    It brings me joy when I can help someone to find the pleasure I find in the sky.

    Thank you for letting me know that sometimes people hear me; it means a lot to me.

    Thank you, Vance
    Gettin the hang of it now Scott. Just need a Go Pro and some patience. Thanks for your input. See my latest post of my first solo flight.
    Hey thanks, I am no expert, I just wanted to be able to share some experiences with others. I will usually download the video from the camera right to the computer with the cable. Mine has mini usb on camera to usb on computer. I tried downloading from the card, but it did take much longer. I think some of the resolution issues may be compression on you tube. And the jello-effect is from the vibration with the camera CMOS sensor, somehow they all do that. I am new at this too, just trying to learn as I go, I am glad that you did enjoy the videos, it makes me feel good that others can enjoy. ---Scott
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