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    Sparrowhawk rotorhead

    No Title Rotor Tach bracket for SparrowHawk
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    Sparrowhawk rotorhead

    Hi Chris. I have a couple of pics from when I built it 12 years ago and they are posted on my builders website called expercraft. There is a link to this on our club website. St. Louis Rotorcraft Club PRA Chapter 35. I can take some pics of some close ups if you need them. I screwed and glued...
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    Sparrowhawk rotorhead

    No Title I replaced both slider pin centering spring plates that I made from a sheet of 4130 Chromoly from Wicks aircraft supply. I had them heat treated and tempered to a hardness range of 34 to 38. $11.00 for the sheet of 4130 and $109.00 to have them heat treated. I flew yesterday and they...
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    Sparrowhawk rotorhead

    The slider on my SparrowHawk rotor head has a metal plate on each side that keeps the slider pin centered and one of them broke. Does anyone know if these metal plates are spring steel or just aircraft steel that I can buy at Wick's aircraft supply.
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    Hi Steve. I hope you can answer my question about my SparrowHawk. My rotorhead pitch swivel...

    Hi Steve. I hope you can answer my question about my SparrowHawk. My rotorhead pitch swivel assembly has a little slop in the slider pin. I can twist the torque tube back and forth and there is a little slop in it. Is it okay to have a little or do I need to buy a new one. Where do I get parts...
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    rod end upgrade

    Upgrade Upgrade Stan, I am also going to install the pitch control rod upgrade on my SparrowHawk. How much did GBA charge you for the kit? Gerry
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    Sh & Raf Caution !

    Let me clarify this issue. I did not notice any clicking or binding up of the controls while in flight. I was on the ground and heard a clicking sound when moving the control stick left to right. I dropped a small bolt for a cushioned clamp on the engine a while back and could not find it on the...
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    Hi Neil. I wonder how much heavier it is than my 2.2.....I would love to have one on my SparrowHawk. Please let me know how much it weighs with the gear box when you find out. Thanks, Gerry
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    DocFinn Fly-In

    Craig Finnegan. You are very welcome for the ride. I was proud to give a ride to the son of Bill Finnegan. I wish Bill could have been the one to give you your first ride. I'm glad you decided to go up in a gyro to see what your dad loved to do. I wish I could have been on the ground to see the...
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    SparrowHawk Accident Preliminary Report

    Well, here is the preliminary report that was published today by the NTSB. As I feared, there are no details as to the cause of the accident...
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    Now What ?? FAA/ NTSB

    Randy. Thanks for writing the letter to Tom and offering to provide names of people who could assist in the investigation. I have been glued to the internet with hopes of seeing the report on the cause of the crash. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Gerry Loeser
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    Gerry Loeser's SparrowHawk builder's log

    Tim Chick. The completed photos are listed under rotor installation on August 14, 2005 and Flight-Prep on August 21, 2005. Sorry I did not do a better job putting everything in the best category, but it was my first time doing this and I was trying to spend all of my time in the builder's barn...
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    Gerry Loeser's SparrowHawk builder's log

    Hi guys. I have posted my entire builder's log on a website called expercraft if any of you are interested in viewing it to help you along with the assembly of your SparrowHawk kit. This website helped me during my build process when I had questions and I was able to see how another builder put...
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    EJ22 oil temp

    Hi Gary. I spoke to Stan Foster about the mis-matched indication and he was told at Benson Days that this is a common problem and told me how to correct it. A 50 ohm resistor is in the ball park to match up the reading and radio shack had 47 ohms, so that's what I used. Also, my temps had a big...
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    EJ22 oil temp

    Hey Stan. I fixed my oil temp problem. My water temp runs about 170 degrees and the oil temp is about 230. I installed a 47 ohm resistor in line on the oil temp wire like you suggested and my oil temp now reads about 185 degrees with the water temp at 170. That's more like it. Thanks, Gerry