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  • Brent thanks, I will look at Lynx. I still need to find a way to lock down the cyclic when parked, any ideas? My stepdaughter was getting married the same week of Bensen Days so I will have to wait until Mentone to look at others gyros and steal some designs. Thanks, Grover.
    I use a LYNX helmet. Works well. I prefer the full enclosed helmet. But microphone sensitivity is a issue. any of the helmets that use standard headsets works well.
    Yes it's very easy. I'm sure you can do it.Just take the prop off and the thing mounts right up. All of the wires off the Kabota is what is needed for the new one. Just remember to buy a 70a inline circuit breaker and a 5a inline circuit breaker. They do not come with the kit.
    Grover, Its kinda funny that you bring this up about the alternator. I had a 19amp Kabota on on mine. My electronics would flash low voltage every time I used the strobes and landing light. So last year I changed all of my lights to LED. The power dropped from 38amps halogen draw to 4.6amps with LED's which worked great. But, the LED's put a weird buzz on the intercom and radio. So last weekend I put a Plane Power 70a alternator on mine. No more buzz.
    The Kabota will have to many volts with no load at high RPM. At idle it will not put out enough volts to charge the battery. It has no type of voltage control that is regulated enough for electronics. The Plane power only puts out 12.5 volts max. Which is very good on the radios and transponder. So far I only have 3 hours on the new alternator and I really like it. The Plane Power I feel is a good move. I purchased the one for a Piper with a 0320 in it.
    I'm glad you have a Twinstarr. I'd like more departments to start flying gyro's. They are much better for search and rescue compared to a helicopters price and maintenance.
    As for gas tanks. I was looking through a magazine and saw some flat gas tanks. About 4" thick 12" high and 30" long. These might be able to go down the sides of the Twinstarr next to the frame, so they would be out of the way. I'm guessing about 5 gallons each. I will try to find them again if I can find which magazine I was going through. I'm thinking now, it was a hunting magazine and the tanks were for a model of ATV 4x4. I will look for you. You need to send me a pic when your done adding on to it. I'm going to get my CFI rating in Arkansas in April.
    I'm sure you will really like it. I think it's a very safe and the most reliable machine flying because of the Lycoming on it. have so much fum with mine. It's a great stress reliever to just fly in the evenings after work. If you have any questions or need something, get in touch.
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