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  • Wud Up Mr. Spicola?

    How the hell R U?

    Been meaning to come by and see ya all's new digs but it's like going to the
    take for granted it's always going to be there!!!

    Hope your having fun. Talk to ya sooner or later!! Whooo Hooooooooo!!!
    Wolverines by the way!!!

    As you know my gyro is complete and I need to get a certificate of air worthyness.

    I have emailed a couple of local DAR's and they are talking about certified transponders and ELT's. You don't have a transponder on your machine, do you? We within 25 miles of TPA Class B and technically need a transponder unless we got our machines certificated without an engine driven electrical system. Where does the Rotax 582 fit in? I have electric start and a battery, but I don't want to add a $2,500 transponder that needs to be certified every 2 years.

    Who provided your certificate of air worthyness? Can you recommend a DAR to me that is gyro friendly and close to Zephyrhills?

    Phil Alvarez

    Well, since my ride with you at BD in 2011, I've wanted to find a single seat gyro. I've looked at a few and for one reason or another, have passed on those that I've seen. I recently heard Phil is offering the Red Rocket for sale and I'm interested.

    Without putting you in an uncomfortable position, can you tell me about this machine?

    Is it suitable for a low hour pilot (150 hours in my RAF)? What kind of shape is it in now, if you know, and when you sold it?

    I'm not even sure what to ask you about it but whatever you can tell me so that I can make an intelligent decision will be appreciated; almost as much as my first ride in an open machine with you!

    Gregg, update your profile ? What does a Comm gyroplane allow that PP doesn't ?

    What aircraft do you own now ?
    :whoo:OUTSTANDING GREG!!! As soon as you finish teaching me to fly gyro's you know what I want to do next.....Should I sign my bank account over to you now or later. It seems to have your name on it anyway! LOL
    U GOT - R- DONE!!
    Semper Fi
    Greg, R we flying this weekend? C-Ya,Darren
    Greg: this is Lindsay Fischer in Colorado Springs. address is [email protected] fax 4717981 or o ph. 7194734657 or h ph 719 634 1787 I am very interested in Glen Rushing's RAF. He says you have looked at it. I have no gyro knowledge although I am commercial, instrument, glider and BFI in trike. Let me have your E mail or maybe even phones. the capacity here does not give me ability to ask and tell as I wish to do.
    So ya SOLD your gyro did ya.... Did you give it away? Call me sometime I don't have your number any more. 214-938-2509
    Would you send me your mail address? I need to send to you the minutes of our meeting at Wauchula.
    Thanks ,Bud
    Greg, I will be available for my share of the work (4 hr) from 10AM Sat thru Sun, so plug me in. Joined at the infamous New Years 07 completed building gyro for BD07, lost job when I got back, now working for half what I was making, so unable to afford IP to fly it.
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