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  • Hey Mitch, I was only thinking a week or so ago where you gone to, hadn't seen you posting for ages.
    Well your back flying gyros and I'm out of them, sold the Owen dull machine, ****wit wrote it off a couple of weeks latter no license nd not registered, managed to put himself in hospital though from what I heard.
    I'm a powered rotor jockey these days, but I still have a read here, catch ya around
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    Other than the flu, I hope you are having lots of fun!
    You have been up in different ships, what is your take now? Anything more interesting than Butterfly and Golden?
    I feel Larry is having trouble getting the commercial part on track, one of his customers just bailed out reaally pissed . . .it is a shame!
    I am every day further apart from my gyro dream, this ditch I put myself in, has not end it seems . . .
    But . . .God is watching and I will get my share if I deserve it@
    Be good my friend.
    ha such a shame but that trip throu banff is a real eye opener, someday ill visit a buddy near pentecton and look at the range country i used to ride pushing cows up as the snow melted. but this time from the air!!!

    i got a snowbourd on and flew it a couple of times, damb am i rusty!!! second landing my right foot slipped off the rudder pedal just inches before touching so i dragged the tail to straighten her out... this is after getting beaten up by huge gusts of wind that sent me up and sideways as well as an involuntary vert decent and trying to fly blind as all the gauges are so eratic even if i have time to read them i have to take an average. this lcd dash is crap!!!

    but i have a tacko to go in this arvo and ordered an asi/vsi combo from belite so next time ill have half a chance...

    good luck in your travels and hope this weather clears up for ya

    hey thanks, where are you in nth america??? im in dawson creek and work out of fort st john in bc if you get up this way give use a shout 250 719 6002. if im at the house i can only get txts but ill be in range during the day mostly

    the sale went through today and its here in fort st john. just wish i had time and money to modify it but im still planting oats at the missus ranch on days of from snubbing gas wells, and we will be bloody cutting hay before i know it with the way time flies...

    be good, grant

    p.s. a tall tail would be purfect and could be a winter job if i stay over here for one more... we'll see i guess
    Sorry Grant,

    I could make a tail for you when I get back from the US and Canada myself.
    The tails are not cheap. Tall tail is what I'd suggest you think about using.
    All the other info about Raf's cant help you but to say I'd recommend reconfiguring it to get your thrust line closer to the vertical C of G.

    You can email me at rocksfly at gmail dot com


    hey, long time... hope things are going well

    ive got a dillema??? i might have picked up a raff over here in canadia the owner is considering my offer but it is stock as far as thrust line and tail is concerened. it also never flew with two up??? it has a rebuilt ea81 dynoed at 110hp witch seems strange to me... the only reason i would consider it is i would love to see some of this country before i head home with my bride and baby girl. so i was going to get it as stable as i can to fly before i ship it and break it up to make a single open with the ea81 and use the cab for a clt or just sell it.

    the thing is im short of time and spending cash so ive come up with all sorts of soloutiuns like bolting on a snow board with the ends cut off or lookin for overtime and buying one of the h/stabs for sale... but also i was wondering about butterfly's tail??? are they for sale???

    any help would be awesome.... grant
    Thanks Greg, those are great pictures showing how it is attached. Hugh help to someone like me with little experience. thanks again
    Hi Greg,

    Im an aeronautical engineer with experience in fixed wing designs, Im currently designing a gyrocopter and in a lot of confusion over the aerodynamic calculations part. Please suggest me some materials or programs, spread sheets etc ..

    in case you can mail me some study material, my id is [email protected]
    Thanks and regards

    I doubt it will do any good, but the new ASRA mandate on prop thrusline is a BIG mistake. Gyros will continue to ahve fatal accidents and the gyroplane sport will be impacted. Even the UK is learning this "prescriptive" solution is incomplete and not the real answer. The real answer is to require gyros to identify their flight stability safee envelope - not "prescribe" thrustlines, HSs, or any configuration "band aids" that won't work in the end anyway. The simple solution is to flight test! - and Flight testing is easy and assure safety much better. They are learning that in the UK - finally! Finally, Dr. Houston and the 2" thrustline mandate is being debunked.
    G'Day Andreas & Melanie,

    I am in Tasmania, Island state, south of the mainland Australia. If you are comming down to Tassie which I doubt is on your itinnery, I'd be more than happy to have you stay and visit on the Apple Isle.

    [email protected]


    Hi Greg. Im working in Devonport for a few days. It would be good to meet up and check out your gyro if you have time. I go back to NZ saturday morning.
    Send your mobile number back if you are keen. Roy
    Would you send to me your mailing address? I need to send to you the minutes of our meeting at Wauchula.
    Thanks ,Bud
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