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    Single Place Enclosed

    On the tarmac only if you have to wait. As soon as you are flying, a baseball cap against the sun and open vents do a decent job. Heat is a minor problem in my place, anyway. Except in office buildings, nobody has AC and nobody misses it. @Scott: Beg, steal or borrow .. It's, like always, a...
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    Single Place Enclosed

    Careful! Careful! For exactly the reasons you mentioned, I built and fly an enclosed single seater, a DF-02-> pictures. It flies very nicely and it's no problem to fly it during winter time. But I strongly disadvise to just pick up whatever cabin you find. Simply speaking, enclosed gyros...
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    Spring flying

    Hi I posted a few pics in the German Gyro Forum. Texts are in German, but the fotos are multi-lingual ;-) Pictures were taken by a hand camera out of the cockpit, so the quality is quite poor. The first series is about a flight in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage "Sardona". Max. altitude was...
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    Fatal in France

    Lost in translation Lost in translation Hervé writes: ".. presque 1%, ce qui est énorme!" That means he considers a 1% fatality rate outrageous - as most of us probably do. mfg Peter
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    Fooling around in the mountains

    For fans of mountain flying, I posted this video clip on HBYPS Flug 2013 11 27 - YouTube. The caption reads:
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    Gyro with V-Tail

    Form follows function Form follows function Never did, never will. - I'm glad you reassured me in that ;)
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    Gyro with V-Tail

    You may have noticed that a new gyro, the diNelly, is being constructed that sports a V-tail. You can see a picture here if you scroll down to the diNelly page. Or on their own page . The Beech Bonanza with the V-tail used to be called "doctor killer", but in a fixed...
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    It's enough by now - I wanna fly !!

    That's what these shelters were built for. The motor driven wing doors weight 55 metric tons - each. Better step aside when they unhook ..
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    It's enough by now - I wanna fly !!

    About two weeks ago it started snowing - and it hasn't really stopped since then. It takes little by now to top the record amount of 1970. OK, part of the USA had Nemo, but even Nemo didn't bring the amounts of snow we have this season. While in the valley the fallen snow (total nearly 4 meter...
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    accidents.. areas to avoid your advice

    Non castoring nose wheels? Non castoring nose wheels? Since most European built gyros have non castoring nose wheels and I am yet to learn that the rate of incidences with them is higher, I wonder whether this point should be in this (otherwise perfectly useful) list. I'd say with castoring...
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    What's been through your prop

    Kind of screwed my prop .. Kind of screwed my prop .. .. by a M4 screw (some 3/16") that seems to have dropped in my engine cowling. The nick displays the screw's thread. No other damage - no point to even bother to mend that nick.
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    XCOM Avionics Info - VHF Aircraft Radio

    Where to put the antenna Where to put the antenna Hi Michael I have an MGL in my gyro, and sure enough, although all connections are blocked with big ferrite beads, it is still quite a source of RF noise all over the frequency bands. Yet, in a single seat gyro, the choice where to put the...
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    DF-02 on Youtube

    Morges Morges Hi Larry The Lake Geneva region is nice and has nice wine too (Lavaux) but flying is a pain. Lots of controlled airspace from Geneva airport. But farther east, towards the Valais valley, that's great! Thank for your reply! Peter
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    DF-02 on Youtube

    Posted a video of my DF-02 here: Autum flight with the DF-02 HB-YPS in Mollis (Switzerland) - YouTube The camera is lousy and the movie is kind of shaky, but you might get an impression how flying is at my place. - Enjoy ..
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    Flying in the Alps

    Type of gyro Type of gyro Hi guys This is an experimental, based on the DF-02 by Michael Obermaier (GyroTec). The airfield is at 1435 ft, the peaks you see in the background are up to 9500 ft (2907 m). I can fly close to the ground (3000 ft) for hours, but in order to cross the alps, I need...