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  • Hey Glenn, Have you got your machine flying again with the new 670... after the riffraff from mentone? This is gillan, we met in Utah, and I'd just put in the 670 from rick. I'm just waiting for the feds to schedule my airworthiness... I'm anxious to get it flying.
    So How WAS the flying this eve with your new engine???? :) about to get envious - but not in a hurry!
    G'day Glenn, How's things going with you??? Still going far afield for work? How's the weather up there. Nice rain & warm here this week! Jim's off to BP inna couple of days to be there for the (final?)engine tune session on Tiggy-B! Anxiously awaitng warmer/dry weather so we can both get to BP for the next steps in the process!
    Have a great week & Merry Christmas.
    cheers Chris &Jim ( & Bonzer!)
    Sorry to hear about your engine problems! (Geez DO WE know how that feels!) So glad your training reflexes were solid and you kept cool --Well done!! Hope it's not too bad a fix. best of luck ... we'll commiserate together and carry on.... eventually!
    Hi from Australia Glen -- how's it going??? When do you get to fly your monarch again??
    Oops, I did it again - 'jacked FJ's log-in & posted GyrOZ's message!!:sorry:

    I posted this on Wed but it ended up in my visitor messages not yours!!:eek:

    Bummer!! I feel for you REALLY I do. It'd drive me crazy to wait so long to get a chance to at least pet'n polish, sit in & dream with your prize!
    Did I see a new thread with a dual trainer being available in Utah?? How long until you get to solo??? Did you see the great article in an earlier training post about Crow hops by CFI Marion Springer --- I love that outline on how to transition from instructors tandem to the single!!
    Glad I'm chuckle-value for some of the readers out there.
    Thanks for the incredibly generous offer for a flight at Mentone if we all get our quals by then. ( I'd be too worried to accept I'm sure!) August 2012 seems a long time away right now!!
    I thought you'd get a chuckle out of that! :drama: You can't blame me for trying......:peace: I KNOW what a stinking good deal you got on the Monarch- mostly 'cause being dealers we know what he had in it! NOPE we're Butterfly all the way - now I just have to get Larry & Jim to build me an AWESOME HOT AURORA!!! The Dom just does't "connect" with my heartstrings the way the Monarch/Auroras do!!!
    Oh well it's good to have you a part of our "Butterfly family" -- w'ell find a way to WOW them all next year with the Manufacturer's showcase - even if I have to beg/borrow/steal a flying lawn chair with a butterfly sticker on it!!!:rolleyes:
    If you pass by Wichita on your trip to get it - we have plenty of spare room & homegrown "tucker" to show hospitality.
    RE: Dominator for sale....

    HEADS-UP GlenK - Isn't this is the machine you REALLY wanted!!!!
    I know someone who is dying to take that Monarch off your hands - same engine , same price!! Please, please, pretty please!!!!!
    :hail: :violin:
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