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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    This isn't the first time I've heard someone say that hand spinning rotors will facilitate learning rotor management. It sounds like a wise idea to me. When I start my training, it will be in a "Eurotub". Can rotors be spun up by hand in one, or MUST the prerotator be used in Autogyro/Magni...
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    New CFI

    Wow! That was quick work getting the CFI....CONGRATULATIONS! I flew PPC's with you just a few short years ago at T14 near Greenville, TX (Walt's place). Still remember you and your wife and dog fondly. I'm toying with the idea of getting into gyros. Hope you are enjoying yours. I make it...
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    Comtronics Helmet Question

    Gary, I'm leaving for a fly-in in the morning, but if you would like you can come over tonight or early tomorrow and test the one I have on your helmets and radio. I got if from Bear for $100. If interested PM me and I'll tell you where I'm at.
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    Fly-in at Joplin, Mo Fox 14 showed up

    The PPC's are going to be there this weekend 9-21. The dates didn't match up this year.
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    My new MTO Sport Build - N3232Z

    I think he also flies frequently to Lake Whitney State Park Airport for practice on a "real" runway. I've flown with him a couple of times in my PPC.
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    Gyro pilots in St. Louis?

    Bob McDaniel is the airport director at St Louis Downtown Airport. He is a PPC pilot and accommodates PPC's at this busy airport. I'm certain he would allow a gyro regular use of the facility. Give him a call - he seems like a nice guy. I don't know him personally, just know him from the...
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    The traveling CFI

    Desmon, I'll take an hour each time you come up to the Fort Worth area if you can give me a couple days notice. Just shoot me a pm.
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    TRAINING AVAILABLE Near Austin Texas

    He was present at a local PPC fly in. All the PPC guys wanted rides. He didn't have his LODA yet so couldn't legally charge. He gave us all a ride for free. Nice Guy.
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    The Making of N327GM...

    500 degrees is a LOT. On my 582 I get concerned when the temps are off by more than 50 degrees. I would think that it is a sensor (or wiring) issue. Have you swapped the sensors around to see it the problem follows the sensor or the cylinder?
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    Bensen Days 2013 Tim O'Connor

    I'm trying to learn something: Is that an excessive amount of cone in the blades or is that normal? Looks like a lot to my untrained eye.
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    In the Beginning....

    I've got an Experimental Exhibition plane. My operating area is anywhere within 350 miles. I think that large an area is pretty typical with Ex-Exh. Seldom do I leave this area. When I want to leave the 350 mile radius, I don't ask the FAA, I just send them a fax before I leave and then...
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    Fly-ins – 2013 (revised 2-25-13)

    Chuck, Attached is a list of PPC flyins near you. I'll be at a couple of them. Would me neat to see a gyro there. 01/16/2013 EAA ULTRALIGHT CHAPTER 123 SCHEDULED EVENTS FOR 2013 BARF MEETING 3RD SATURDAY EACH MONTH LOCATIONS TO BE ANNOUNCED. Link to BARF...
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    Clean Transportation Prototype For Any Kind of Machine Movement.

    I used to think perpetual motion machines were BS. Now not so sure. Look at some of these - pretty convincing.
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    Hello Chuck. It was good meeting you at the Redneck fly-in this weekend. I enjoyed watching...

    Hello Chuck. It was good meeting you at the Redneck fly-in this weekend. I enjoyed watching you fly - impressive machine you've got. I'm the guy trying to get his wife to move to an airfield. Jeff
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    Sorry guys... Anahuac will be IFR tomorrow...

    I've been looking forward to attending for a while now, but the potential weather has kept me away. I do hope that the weather stays clear for those that attend. I will plan on next year. I at least got a shirt and can tell everyone that I was there. Oh.........And I still plan on winning...