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    Taiwan plane crash - unreal dash cam caught it
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    3D Printed Shelby Cobra

    3d printing is not a single technology. There are bunches of different technologies that are all 3d printing. Most people here are talking about consumer grade 3d printing that uses a poly filament heated so that it sticks to previously laid filaments building up the 3d object. These can provide...
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    3D Printed Shelby Cobra

    Wow, browsing through and happened upon this one. Arnie, I think you miss the concept of 3d printing. Its going to shake up the world in a good way. It enables BOTH free creation as well as copying. And that is a GOOD thing. Absolutely the best thing for consumers, probably ever. It will nearly...
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    Carolina Barnstormers Fall Fly-in - Nov 14-16th - Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE... #5!

    In the immortal words of Yosemite Sam.... Rassa frassa rackafracka To rub salt in the wound, my son ALSO took a picture of the birds nest and added text ala internet meme style that said... Dad 0, Birds 1
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    Wrens Fall Fly In

    i'm going to try and drag the whole family down if all works out well. Uncle Chester, Aunt Mercy, Cousin Lew...
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    Carolina Barnstormers Spring Wing Ding

    Lost a mushroom to that damn trap.
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    VFR or IFR?
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    Gary Connery's Wingsuit Landing without using a Parachute

    Ya.. thats like saying a cruise missle lands when it hits its target. He just directed his 200mph impact into fluffy things. I would bet he even sacrificed doing anything resembling a flare into more control to hit the target. I guarantee hitting the target at 200 or 200+ mph is better than...
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    The guys is good is all I can say

    I had no idea they did this... this is awesome. Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter. Amazing Pilot! - YouTube
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    North Carolina Get Together

    Damn my ears are burning today... odd.
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    Wrens Fall Fly-in - A Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE!

    You guys have a fun, safe time. I've been on a rollercoaster ride here lately... I went from thinking there was no way I was going to make it down due to being the weekend after I had been in Texas for a week plus... that would have been last weekend and I obviously had my weekends mixed up...
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    Can't make this stuff up...

    Yes, but that is more useful and less intrusive than what they do now, so I'm all for it.
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    Bolting knowledge quiz

    The stretch in any bolt takes place over the entire length between the points of force even if there is a stop in the middle. In the situation detailed the nut is almost irrelevant. Before the nut is tightened the stretch in the bolt takes place from the 100000 poung load up to the head. The...
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    What's the Use

    Steve, you make a huge mark on the people that DO listen. I hate to bring politics into this thread but this is the truth as I see it. People SHOULD have the brains to do the right thing, but NO ONE should have the authority to MAKE them do the right thing. As long as our government can keep...
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    Gettin SMaller

    Wow, the guy on the left really looks like the actor John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox from Scrubs sitcom) with his head and facial hair let go as I would expect actors do when in between jobs. When you first said movie and I saw the picture I thought thats who it was. I love that character on that...