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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Thank you, guys. What a powerful and entertaining character He was on our Forum! Sure, miss Him.
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Where is Birdy these days? Sorry if I missed something "not good".
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    Hent aircraft engine

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    Russian gyro "Barsik"

    Kolibri282, this gyro was designed ( unfortunately not by me) by
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    Russian gyro "Barsik"

    A few very smart solutions:
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    2019 Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In!

    jrrylee, thank you very much for the only report from El Mirage.
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    2019 Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In!

    So, any photos, videos from 2019 Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In? How was it?
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    my little wooden gyrocopter

    What a little beauty. I love the tractor designs, but the visibility of pushers, especially the single-seaters can never be surpassed. You are really in the unobstructed air (unless you can rotate your head 360* without moving your butt).
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    Another gyro falls victim to powerlines

    Many, many years ago I wanted to get (somehow) digital PG&E power greed and overlay it over a digital map, but the Lazyness took me a hostage and kept for 30 years.
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    Be very careful with Alex Lameko (twistair). Do not trust him at all!!!

    I was going through “gyro” pictures and found this nice one with Ernie and his wife Gail. It was Wauchula, Fl gathering sometime at the beginnings of this century. If I remember correctly it was the year when Steve Graves (my first instructor) retired and relaid a bag with “stones of wisdom” to...
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    About landing direction: better angle for sunlight and background landscape for the cameraman.What a nice gyro! It would be mine if I was just a few days younger
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    We are mostly about gyros here. But,Good Luck.
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    Level flight before the initial climb

    Chuck , last sentence tickles me (as always). I see you standing on the podium of "whatever" University in front of thousands of graduates and tell them : down with "zeros" and "ones", boys and girls. There is a real world out there and you can feel it without microprocessors. Your twisted...
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    Odds and sods