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    Question about 6061 tubes.

    Seamless is what you want. Jody
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    Tell me what you think!

    That definately looks like a nick to me. But the million dollar question........What caused it? You might look into that when installing a new one. Jody
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    Tony, I don't know about you, but I can put up with the heat much better than the stuff we have right now. Looks like it was an interesting day up your way today. Jody
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    Mentone via Ford truck

    Well.........I have a Dodge(Ram 1500) and a Ford(F150). Currently the Dodge is in the driveway. It's engine is in the garage on a stand. The Ford just keeps going, and going, and going......... The Ford has more miles on it too!! Jody
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    This just circled overhead....?

    Thanks for the info Wasp!! I couldn't see any N numbers on this one. It was here, then it was gone.:sad: Jody
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    This just circled overhead....?

    Yep, knew it was a McCulloch, didn't know there were any in my neck of the woods. Wondering who it belongs to. Would definately like to talk to them. Jody
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    Jet ski engines?

    I see. Thanks!! Jody
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    PRA dues & the magazine and your thoughts on them

    I'm not a member of the PRA.........well, not yet. But here's a few ideas I'll throw out there, then I'll let you chew me up.:lol: First, has anyone looked into finding a cheaper publishing source? It doesn't have to be a super glossy magazine. At least until the wounds are healed and the PRA...
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    Looking for Co’s with products you like?

    A great place to buy metals: Jody
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    Being honest is sometimes counter-productive…..

    Tell 'em it's for a wind don't have to tell them what altitude this wind tunnell operates at.:yo: Jody
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    Gyroglider Trailer for Fixed-Wings!

    Now there's a savy business idea!! I'm going to steal that one Doug. I can see it now......."Tote Blocks" for everyone!!! I'm gonna be rich I tell ya'. Seriously, are these people for real? Have they even thought this through? Jody
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    Egg Day

    Will Ostrich eggs be available?:lol:
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    Stupid Stunt!

    Do I see a future Darwin award winner?? One Dee Ten Tee!!!
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    June 13 Fly in and Meeting

    I'm kinda hoping to make it over there, but it's looking rather iffy right now. Jody
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    Bensen in Japan

    Mitsubishi T-2's I believe. Jody