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    Wheels and Tires

    What wheel's and Tires are you guys running on your AirCommand's? I have the bicycle tire for the front and some skinny tires for the back. I have heard of others using a free spinning castering wheel setup for the front. If any of you are using it, please let me know what you like about it...
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    Settings for MGL ROTOR-1

    Thanks, I actually called MGL up and they helped me out. Now the 100% value I just left what ever was in there. I am not sure what the rotor crusing RPM is. But everything else is the same for Filter and Pulse.
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    Settings for MGL ROTOR-1

    Does anyone happen to know the settings in order to set up the Rotor Tac for the MGL Rotor-1? I have Aircommand with 108 teeth, got the sensor hooked up and just trying to figure out the settings. 100% value is currently set at 1000 Pulse/Rev is at 1.0 Filter is set to Span Pulse is set for...
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    MGL Rotor Tach

    I can see that one. I was actually hoping that someone would take actual picture of one on their machine. Do you have one on yours? If so can you take a pic of it? Thanks!
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    MGL Rotor Tach

    Similar to what? I think you forgot to attach the picture.
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    MGL Rotor Tach

    Curious to see pics of where people are mounting the MGL GT1 Gear tooth sensor. I have an Air Command, so any pics would be helpful.
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    Gyro near Canton, Michigan

    Thanks, Been awhile since I have been on the site. actually looks like over a year! I am down in Bryan Ohio at Williams County Airport. I have Air Command that I bought back in 2013 that I will finally be flying shortly. Got too busy building a Hangar Home!
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    Gyro near Canton, Michigan

    Doe's anyone on here have a Gyro near Canton, Michigan? I was at my customer's last week, and saw a Gyro flying above. Curious to see if it is a fellow member here on the forum.
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    July 4th Bryan, OH Kiwanas Fly Inn

    This is a huge event every year at Williams County Airport Located in Bryan, OH. All aircraft welcome! Pilot's get a free breakfast, just make sure to get ticket from the guy that guides you to your parking spot. Their will be Warbirds giving flights. Also on Saturday July 1st, Hummel Aviation...
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    My new not a gyro but just as fun flying video

    Crazy that you were able to do rolls and flips in that with just those cables holding wing. Noticed the fabric was moving when you did the flip. What plane is this?
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    Trike Loss - Michigan

    Sad news, I met him through Jeff and Galen (Powrachute), in fact he just hosted a repairman course back in June. Real nice guy, this is sad to hear.
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    That's Jeff & Galens, owners of Powrachute and Soaring Concepts.
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    A bit of vintage warbird history just flew over our farm!

    Its here at Toledo Express Airport until Friday. 450. A ride as someone else mentioned. They said she's not great on fuel burn.
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    Calidus Wrap

    Take a picture and get measurements. nybdecnt graphics place that prints to vinyl can make a wrap for it.
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    Crude oil won't make news

    Well what's crazy couple years back oil was at 138 a barrel when we were close to 4.00 a gallon and that's what they blamed the cost of gas on. Guess what a barrel is just over 100. but yet are prices are about where they were when it was 138. A barrel. They just make excuses and want us to go...