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    Good Evening,

    I do not believe so however I will have to double check. Would he more than likely attempt to contact me on the forum or via phone? I love the look of the SportCopter and his is in amazing shape! Thank you for sending the photo of his SportCopter... I made an attempt to find it with no luck. I would be blessed if he choose to sell it to me, and I assure him it would go to a great home. I would not only take care of it like a child but would also fly it regularly, cherishing it. I am hoping this will be my entryway into this sport and I would think it would be perfect for building hours a couple hours after solo. That being said I would enjoy it for many years to come. I just put in for vacation during the PRA national convention and I am extremely excited for it! I greatly appreciate the help and I look forward to hearing from Mike!

    You both are more than welcome to call me anytime,
    Nicholas Dawson
    [email protected]
    Hi Nicholas,

    I didn't want to post this publicly and start a fight, but do yourself a favor and ask for recent customer references from Aviomania. The machines are really well designed, but I don't think they've delivered more than about four complete kits in the US. Some buyers have waited a very long time for parts after paying for them, and report long periods when e-mails have gone unanswered.

    The 582 should be plenty of power. I fly an old Vortex at 5,000' above sea level and weigh 190 pounds, and it's no rocket, but would be much better closer to sea level.

    If you wind up with a Vortex, I'd highly recommend removing the pod for your first flights until you get a feel for the machine. The pod makes it more comfortable in cold weather or extended trips, and makes the machine a little faster, but it's less stable in yaw, which could be added workload for a beginner. Otherwise, I've found the machine a joy to fly.

    See you in ground school! (Or, more accurately, hear you!)

    Paul Plack
    I greatly appreciate the warning my friend about aviomania and the experiences of buyers. I had read that in a few places and it did worry me... however I was hoping it took so long due to the engine choices of the buyer. That being said the first Genesis shipped to the United States was more than a couple of years ago, so only four aircraft in that time is worrisome to say the least. From my understanding Nicolas also works as a mechanic for a major airline, so I am now assuming this is a side gig for him. I have the option to buy a new Vortex with Rotax 582 for $25k from R&D Aerospace near the SportCopter Factory. I guess they go around and buy kits from individuals who do not complete them and then finish them up for Sale. I didn’t think this was a bad deal however am still a little worried about a two stroke and am not excited about the fuel burn. That being said I also may have the option to purchase a Vortex with the HKS engine for a fair price as well. I would think that he HKS would work okay for my body weight and first Gyro. My local gyro guru who has been doing it since the Bensen days recommends the SportCopter as well. More than likely I will end up with a Vortex...
    Your recommendation of starting out with the cowling off is a great one and makes complete sense. In fact I planned on at least completing 5 hours of my dual instruction in an open cockpit style Gyro. This was recommended to me by someone else as well and makes perfect sense!

    I am excited to hear that you will be attending the PRA ground school as well! I am extremely looking forward to getting started and can’t wait until next Thursday!

    I greatly appreciate the assistance, insight and recommendations!


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