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    Rotax 582 Greyhead for sale

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    Dominator Tandem Gyro (Davey's green monster)

    PRICE REDUCED Sub 2.5 with Holley carb and 2.2 heads, new engine with less than 300 hours, 27' Dragon Wings, dual controls, $18,500. Text Davey Seace @ 813/393-8569 after 4pm. Brand new Warp Drive prop as of Nov 2019. Gyro can be seen flying in numerous Bensen Days videos on Youtube.
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    Rotax 582 Greyhead for sale

    I have a recently overhauled 582 greyhead by Heavenbound Aviation (Ohio) for sale. It comes with pull start, flywheel, spark plugs, exhaust, fuel pump, and carbs. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Call Kirk at 225/279-1 three 2 six. $2600.00.
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    A/C or Sportcopter center mounted instrument pod

    Looking for an A/C or Sportcopter center mounted instrument pod in good/great condition. 225/279 one 3 two 6.
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    Need some opinions please

    Hi Richard. I just wanted to make you aware that a 10"X22" aluminum tank is actually 7 gallons. The 5 gallon tank is 10"X16". I hope that helps in your weight calculations.,68856.html
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    Whats the Difference...AMSOIL

    Both are full synthetic but formulated for very different applications. The Interceptor formulation was designed for standard snowmobile, pwc, and jet ski applications (ie..gyro engines). I run Interceptor in my Rotax 670 powered gyro and have never had an issue...
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    Rotax 582 Engine starting

    VERY simple solution...primer pump! Two pumps (after fuel reaches pump) and it will fire right up every time. My 582 and 670 are just the same in that respect. Initially, I tried not having a primer pump on my 670 and it would not start. Since it was a brand new engine, it didn't take long to...
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    Best of Dominator Modifications Edypaul - Joe Pires

    Hi John. I'm not quite sure what platform you're flying, but I think this radiator would fit in MANY applications. It's definitely more compact and much stronger than the standard Dom radiator (VW Rabbit) at a bargain of a price. Good luck.
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    Best of Dominator Modifications Edypaul - Joe Pires

    According to another website, the dimensions for the radiator are as follows: Specifications: Radiator: * Brand new civic/del sol aluminum radiator.Made of grade-A light weight aluminum. * Direct bolt on without any modification. * Increase 30%-40% cooling than OEM radiator,handles high...
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    Rotax 670 performance feedback

    I too have a Rotax Rick special 670 on my gyro. I have approx 40 hrs flight time on it without a single glitch. Initially, we reduced the prop pitch on my 68" Warp Drive prop to 8.8 degrees to get 7000 static rpm. Didn't take long to realize that it needed more pitch. After bumping the...