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  • I will get back to you once i have enough data flying it. Unfortunately, I'm outta town for the next 3 weeks then I will get down to some test flying trying to establish some numbers. So far, i was absolutely impressed by the stability exhibited both on water and in the air. No tendencies noted for pitch instability in flight. I'm still working on some possible improvements so till its all said and done, i will have no videos or info to show.. Hang tight. This is one mean flying Gyroamphib...
    Hi Randolph!
    I got the book in the mail, I did not open it for a while because I though it was a
    Flight Guide I ordered. I'm flying soon, so open it and was I delighted!
    "Gyroplane Flight Manual by Paul Bergen Abbot"

    I'll scanned it in and put both copies in PRA 31 library.
    If I not on the froum for awhile, it's your fault. I started reading it and I'm a slow reader!

    Thank you for making the world a better place!!!
    Hi Randy,

    First, thank you for your service. I was late in joining the thread on the SLSA situation with gyroplanes because I do not monitor the forums closely any more. I just don't have time, and it seems my presence on the forum stirs more of the controversial arguing that the FAA sees. I will watch some discussions if someone points them out to me, and I am reluctant to post for fear of starting more flame sessions. I believe the forum, although it is great place to express opinions, does no good in improving the perception that the FAA has of us - that we don't really know what we are talking about and there are no real efforts to improve gyroplane safety with real engineering - just a lot of backyard and defensive opinions. I have been frustrated by those FAA's impressions for nearly ten years now.

    And, I’m getting tired!
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