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  • Chop,
    Sorry I missed your post here, I only have limited experience flying a gyro. I took training at Sport Copter in Scappoose, OR from the owner of Sport Copter Jim Vanek. It was not that difficult to transition from being a long time fixed wing pilot, just had to reeducate my butt. After test flying my Vortex for 35 hours, I would say that the gyro is the safest flying machine I have ever flown.
    I have written several stories for Powered Sport Flying magazine, the first on my training appeared in the September issue (I think) and the last one appears this month and it details my test flights and dumb mistakes I made. Maybe you can track down those issues in a local book store. I tell it like it is even when it makes me look dumb.
    Hello Karl. Thanks for the reply to my post. If you don't mind my asking, are Gyro's "Tricky" to fly? I had read on another site that this person had bought one to learn to fly but said he sold it because his instructor had told him this was one of the most dangerous forms of aircraft to fly. From all the different promotional Video's I have watched (and I do realize they are trying to sell their product), they seem to be pretty straight forward but I am speaking from "No" experience at all.Thanks Again Karl.
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