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  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks. I'm hopeful something will work out.. It's past overdue that we get those premiums at a reasonable level. If motorcycles can get insurance, then why not gyros built to safe specs. Thanks for your support.
    Hey Jim how are you doing? I met you back in Dec at the chapter 62 gathering! Hope your doing ok. I hear your going to sell your monster gyro! is this true?
    Hey jim how's your turbo 2.5 problems going,have you decided what to do yet.

    if you have time let me know. regards,eddie.....

    I haven't been able to find the SSC on Craig's List or the Rotary Forum post that talks about it. Can you give me some additional information to help be find what has been posted?


    Sorry for the delay in replying to you but I just now noticed I had this message waiting for me and checked it. I missed the thread describing a Super Sky Cycle for sale on Craig's list so I haven't seen it and don't know anything about it yet. I certainly will look into it and see what I can find out. The only other Super Sky Cycle I know anything about is Roger's.
    hello farmer Jim,

    Long time no speak, hows the training going??

    noticed you were online

    I picked up on another thread that you are going to mentone??

    who would I contact about some questions regarding vendors at this event?/

    This was not in my plans, but it looks like I am going to end up in great bend to purchase another food cart and was thinking maybe I would vend the event if I can line the dates up !!

    Any contact numbers would help greatly because I have the cart purchase on hold for the moment

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