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    Curtis Scholl here. I am in Saline MI but go to the PRA convention in Mentone as it is the closest venue for Gyros for me.
    Thank you for responding to my plea for a CFI at Mentone 2020 this year. If you do come to the PRA Convention, I look forward to starting some instruction with you.
    When you answered that the "owner of debatable competence " was probably me, it would have been nice if you had added a comment about my actual competence.😁😁😁😁😁
    Abid, do you sell the helmet that Greg has been using ? I have a Micro-air from England, and need to know if the plug is the same etc.send me your ph.# I will give you a call.

    Oh man, I just saw this message. I am sorry.
    How about next weekend or if you have time, during the week. I can call Dane and tell him to expect you if you want to do it during the week. You can e-mail me directly at [email protected] any time
    Kewl, you say this Friday coming you leave out of country? So will this weekend be good? Say Sunday (Tomorrow) since Today Sat. is done and gone already? When would you like me to show up a ZPH?

    How are you? Hope you are well. Do u still have a trike? Would still like a ride someday. See you at Zephryhills next weekend if you are around. Greg should have his Chopper lessons concluded so he can fly the Dominator again. Darren Hornet Flyer
    Abid, I have been following your posts ever since you first came onto this forum. I feel you are one of the dozen top people who contribute positively and consistently and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that. You seem to be a golden character with obvious experience and the intelligence to use it. Very much appreciated, kind regards, Steven
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