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  • Scott, I just wanted to say Hi, and let you know I appreciate all you've done to move this organization forward.
    Hey scott could you find out what monroe shock they are using to build monarch type suspension. I have a beast going together now 68" 4 blade powerfin 912s. I am flying out of my strip in my backyard. I want to build another C/L thrust using g force type gear. I have access to cnc mill and lathes now. Check out me flyin to Greensboro Intl. and over my work Honda jet on you tube broadcast yourself then type in gyrodon
    Don Hoffmeier PS just started using the forum so hook me up please. I am going to build a awesome gyro for next benson days and hope to go to ROC. with this machine.

    Like I said before I don't have anything against you. I do have an issue as to how you became President. I wish you well and hope you can breath some life into this organization. I look forward to this next six months being as how the last seemed to have been a bust. LOL One of my problems is you guys are trying to grow this from the top down but it really must be a concerted effort from both top of the PRA and from the Chapters. Like I said I look forward to meeting you again and I also hope to have you a friend.
    Scott I see that the check has cleared the bank and I do not see a camping place for me.
    Please let me know what the problem is. we will be leaving Illinois on monday and we need to know.
    thank you

    jeff Wright
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