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  • Hey Ernie, Mike Hughes here.
    Been thinking for some time now about using a pair of old Rotorblades for a copy of a 'Big Ass Fan', for my new shop. What do ya think? Would it move sufficient air? I put a post on the forum for some input. Something you might think about for a side line product. They want stupid money for those fans.
    Hi Ernie -

    Chris & I are pleased with the blades you supplied her Aurora recently !

    I am wondering what length & chord you think my Turbo Golden would do well with. Am considering a 31', 9" chord. Any thots ?? (2000#+ gross, 300+ hp))

    farmer Jim

    Gimme a call when you can... Finally got my engine back and looking to get back in to the air again in something. 1-708-670-7451

    Matt Novotney
    If I remember correctly, it was a company in India that manufactures them. You have to buy a bunch to get any at all. I can't remember the link, but I'll try to find it and send it to you.


    Dennis Fetters
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