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  • Hi, Ed!
    Larry Hughes here - Mike's (Earthbound Misfit) brother.
    I added a tank behind my seat - frankly, I tried to copy your design. 8>)
    Did you have to make longer cheek plates to keep from flying nose down?
    My 7 gal seat tank is about 3 inches forward of the mast and my aux tank - maybe 5.5 gals - snuggles in behind it.
    I did a hang test and find I'm hanging keel 16* down when it should be 9-10*.
    I don't mind making new cheek plates, I'm just surprised.
    BTW, you doing good? Haven't seen you since BDs 2011, I think.
    Hi Ed, Where is the Snobird located? I live in So. Oregon. Also, do you know what he is asking for it? Thank you for your time. Terry 541 761-5381
    there is a guy in florida offering a 582 for 2685. He is on Barnstormers his name is Rick j davis and hes with Red Gold aircraft engines.
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