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  • Hey Dave, havnt spoke in a while and I dont have your phone number. Hope you and the wife are doing well. Give me a call sometime or shoot me a email. my phone # 941-286-3699. Kevin
    What day will the elections be held? We , the B.O.D should have a brief meeting be fore the elections to review our agreement with the P.R.A.
    Dave - give me a holler if you want to come down to Valkaria and try out my Dom. Afraid you may be having withdrawal!
    It is not the standard "sub4" I have a sub4 redrive on a regular subaru engine.100hp. I was the first to put a subura on a dominator.Flew the bensen for a number of years with the subaru.
    All is well here we have finished with the garden and have put up several hundred jars of food. With out the garden things could be rough!
    Would you send me your mailing address? I need to send the minutes of our meeting at Wauchula.
    Thanks Bud
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