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  • Hi Sir
    Still trying to get my machine to fly level without the tendancy to vere / roll off to the right.. Did you read my post.... no one wanted to reply..
    I had another engine out last monday ... put her down in a hay paddock... all ggod. Been in the subaru shop trying to find a cause.... changed plugs and key switch.. computor tested all good.... so , it back in the air tomorrow .. weather permitting, for another reliability test!
    Im at work so will pop in tonight NZ time to check for a reply
    Thanks Rusty
    duu, I am terribly sorry to not have answered your post. In the past, it seems, that I was notified by email when someone sent me a private message. Consequently I never checked back. Also the gyro was listed on the For Sale area and all queries were being answered by AirGyro where it was being stored.
    My Machine was actually sold 3 weeks ago. . .but surely would have sold sooner if I had found your post.
    Hope you are living your dreams and found a gyro.
    Sincere regards,
    terry s
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