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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Sounds like a plan. See you there. Gary has been coming. He and Richard come together
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    click torques wrenchs

    Great question Tony. Waiting on the answer here in good ol Arkansas.
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    Sport Rotors For Sale

    Great price on this gyro.
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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Just a bump. I will miss my friend who posted as Friendly this year. He was a great friend.
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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Hi guys We will be having our flyin for chapter 6 on November 2nd and 3rd at Russellville, Arkansas. I really hope you will mark your calendars to be there. If you have a project or flying gyro bring it. There will be lots of discussion and people flying. Other slow flyers welcome also. :drum:
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    when not flying what to do?

    Funny Steve. Now I know you would never partake of any of that other stuff. Lol. :wacko:
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Hope this doesn't slow you down Jim
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    Aussie Paul's April 2012 BFR

    I agree with everyone mate. Can't keep a good man down. Congrats Paul
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    Reducing gyro vibrations

    Very interesting read. I have never seen balance bars on two bladed gyros but they are used quite frequently on helis. I'm wondering if this could be used on an unpowered system.
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    RAF 2000 Gyroplane,Need advice/info Please,Looking at buying this incomplete Project

    Better latch on to a RAF for 24k. New kit with import tax and all will cost twice that. And you will need to build it. This is a little high for parts but the cabin is cool. I saw one at Mentone year before last. Flew really good.
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    Bastrop flyin

    Nice pictures everyone. Mark those are really graphic and impressive. Hope to see all of you guys again soon.
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    Bastrop flyin

    Thanks to the members of chapter 6 and 20 the fly in was really great. I think Bastrop is becoming one of the premier events of the year. Everyone flew safe and there weren't any fights. Just joking. I found everyone very helpful and informative. Just a great bunch of guys. I would like to...
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    New awesome technology

    That's when someone takes a dump in your yard you take the pooper scooper out collect the poo and shake his hand or give him some tp. Lol
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    Motor rpm dropping in flight

    Is your ignition electronic? Does sound like fuel or carb. Good luck.
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    Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia; no one is injured

    I am soo thankful only one person injured.